Some people feel really proud by purchasing house from their own earning either big or small house. But sometimes small house becomes the most favorite house to spend a happy life with their small family. Typically a small house consists of two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and sometimes with a garage. Small house can be beautiful or even worse with crowded accent caused by the furniture and accessories arrangement and the wall color. The main problem is how to make a small house room look bigger. There is several simple information and steps to make the room space look wider and still has stylish design.

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Paint color choices to make a small room look bigger

Small bedroom look bigger

  • White is the best color to give wider room effect in a small house. Various kinds of white color such as: pure white, off-white, or cream can be applied as desire depends on the theme decoration which you want to apply.
  • Other soft such as: pink, light blue, butter yellow, light green, and other bright colors also can cover the house either on interior or exterior side.
  • But if you desire to apply those colors above, try to combine them with white color so that the house will look brighter and wider. For example: apply white color on the ceiling, door and windows frame with other bright color on the wall. You can put white color on molding wall located on the middle part of room interior wall.
  • This color is also useful to be applied on any furniture and home cabinets.

Furniture arrangement

furniture to make room look bigger

  • All of the furniture should be painted in white color if you want to make small space room looks wider. Some house furniture such as: sofa, coffee table, cabinet, shelf, bookcase, bathtub, kitchen cabinets, dining table, and so on can be painted in white or other color with white combination on it.
  • Choose minimalist style of home furniture and put them as efficient as possible. It means that the furniture must be arranged to fit the room condition such as: shape and size, don’t arrange them which make a traffic line in the house.
  • For example: try to apply L or narrow kitchen style to save room space, don’t put any counter in the center of kitchen if necessary. Select hanging kitchen rack rather than more counter surround the kitchen.
  • Bar style dining table joined to the kitchen would be perfect to save the space instead of create dining room in other room which actually can be bedroom or other useful room.
  • Select any saving space furniture style such as: compact kitchen, saving space bed, and others to give more space in each room. Spiral or saving space staircase can be the best choice if the house has second floors.

Accessories and decorations

  • Curtain is one of the accessories which can be use to make a small house look bigger. White is a color solution to wider the room, so choose white simple curtain as window treatment. Try to don’t apply drapery on the windows especially in dark color like maroon, brown, etc.
  • A kind of window treatment such as blind curtain is appropriate to make the room not look so crowded.
  • Large and many windows might be necessary to be installed to allow more natural daylight in the bright room. You can use curtain to cover it or just let it free without any curtains.
  • Try to not apply any wall decoration such as painting, photo frame, or wallpapers. If you want to apply wall decals, choose simple wall decals with little color combination on it then apply it only on a wall side not the entire wall.
  • Replace any wall accessory with mirror either small or large mirror. Mirror can reflect room and help the room to look larger than the original size.