How to frame a bathroom mirror in simple way? Some of internet forums commonly ask this question. Several bathrooms has simple mirror which hanged without any frame above the bathroom vanity. Although it looks simple, unfortunately it is lack of style. Frame is the simple way to beautify the bathroom appearance so that it would look modern and stylishly. There are many ways to frame bathroom mirror, simple way to frame the mirror with wooden frame and trim, or using Miter saw to create the beautiful frame of mirror.

How to frame a rectangular mirror

The first method to frame rectangle bathroom mirror is by using Miter saw to create beautiful edge of mirror. Materials which have to be prepared are baseboard molding with cap which has been measured to mirror size, Miter saw, paint and paint brush, caulk spray, pencil, and measuring tape. Below are several steps to frame the bathroom mirror.

Firstly, measure the mirror then cut the baseboard into four pieces by using Miter saw. Ensure to fit the measurement to the mirror size. Make 45 degree of angle set in Miter saw to create connected edge of mirror frame.

How to frame a bathroom mirrorPaint the back side near top of edge of baseboard piece to distinguish the caulk part so that it won’t stick on the mirror when it finished. Then paint all of the right side to give color for the frame.

Spray the caulk on the caulk part which is not painted on the backside of baseboard. Don’t forget to spray the caulk on the edge part to join the angle. Then install it to the mirror, start from the bottom piece to make sure it fit the mirror properly, and then continue it on the right and left side and the last on the top of mirror.

The last step, use your wet finger to smooth the caulk remain which appear on the angle surface.

How to frame a bathroom mirror easily

Other tips to frame the mirror are by applying the block on each of edge and middle top and bottom of the frame. There are many unique motifs on the block which can be purchased in the same place as the baseboard. The second way to frame the bathroom mirror is really simple with table saw. The materials that you should prepare are pieces of wood and trim, nails and nail gun or hammer, table saw, measuring tape, and wood putty if it is necessary, paint and paint brush. These are the simple steps to frame a bathroom mirror:

  • Measure the pieces of wood and its trim to fit the mirror. Then cut them by using table saw. And cut a groove on the top and bottom trim about 2 cm to hold the mirror edges.
  • Apply the wood to the wall using nail gun gently, ensure to avoid the mirror. And then apply the trim surround the primary wood frame.
  • For the furnishing, cover the nail hole using wood putty then paint the mirror frame to beautify it.