Shabby chic chandelier can be created as your additional home decoration. If you have old broken chandeliers do not think that it is not useful anymore. You can clean it then try some creative things to reproduce it to be more useful thing in your home. One of the creative things which can be made by an old broken candle into something new shabby chic style. This creation is an old chandelier which is repainted and decorated by bunches of fake flowers on the bulb place. This chandelier can be hanged on the ceiling as home decoration, so that the house will look fresher and beautiful. It is quite easy to make this wonderful stuff for your home decoration. Look at the following picture. How beautiful the shabby candle looks like?
Homemade shabby chic chandeliers with flower decor

Preparation steps and materials

Some materials should be prepared to make a shabby chic chandelier. And it does not need much money for the material. The materials are also easy to be found anywhere near your house, especially in the restores in the city. It is about $7-$12 cost to make this chic chandelier.

Old and broken chandeliers for new shabby chic style

Old and used chandle for new shabby chic style

  • An old or broken chandelier which can not be repaired is still useful than throwing it to the dustbin, so use it to be recycled. You can use your own broken chandelier or buy it in the cheap restores. Someone bought it in a restore for only $5.
  • Prepare also some fake flowers with your favorite color; try to add some leaves to make it real. Buy or find a few Spanish moss to be stuck on the bulb area as the flower base.

    Green rose as decor for shabby chic chandeliers

    Green rose for the accents

  • Spray paint should be chosen to paint your shabby chic chandelier easily. White spray paint is our focus today, but you can choose gold or diamond blue for modern schemes and glossy black for classic style.
  • A wire scissor to cut the electric wires on the chandelier and the flowers.
  • A glue to stick the flowers.
  • Old pearls or beads which are gathered like a long necklace for the finishing touch.
  • Don’t forget the chain for hanging lamps.

Creating the shabby chic chandeliers

The first thing you should do is cutting the chandelier wires by using the wire scissor. After cutting the wires, clean the whole of chandelier then paint it as a prime using the spray paint you have had. White paint is an example color for chandelier coloring. Wait a few minute until the paint is dry.

Tips and tutorials about how to make shabby chic chandeliers

Flowers, leaves and roots are arranged in a small cup

Then repaint the chandelier in your favorite color as the main color, and let it dry. After the chandelier is dry, install the moss on each of the places where the bulb should be. Prepare the fake flower and bunch it beautifully into an appropriate size as you wish, stick them with glue and make sure they will not separated easily. And then embed the fake flower wire onto the moss in each of bulb place.
Creative white and green DIY shabby chic chandeliersTo hang the chandelier, install a hook on the ceiling then connect the hook and the chandelier with chain. For the finishing touch, the old dangling pearl can be hanged on the handle by using wire. Well, adding the dangling pearls is the last step of making the shabby chic chandeliers. How is it? It is so easy, isn’t? In addition, you can do it by yourself. Credit for Liza for shabby chic candle in Serendipity.