The home bar design ideas is the one that you need to consider if you want to have the beautiful and the wonderful place to relax. When you watch Cowboy movies, there are available with so many variations and designs and of course choosing this sometimes is so challenging. You need a lot considerations as you need to be carefully when choosing the concepts. Be creative in optimize the “forgotten” area in the house is the main key to get success in creating the bar. I mean a place like under the stairs can be optimize to build it.

Choosing the furniture and theme

Concept for the home bar design is the first think to find. A “must there” equipments should display like bottles, has built-in sink complete with refrigerator and feels cozy for hanging place with friends. The fun theme and design can be easily designed by considering the furniture size and shape to suit with the blank area in the house. For materials, use wooden dashboard, cabinets, tables, chairs and brown wall color.
Rustic Home Bar Design Concept Image 139Get confused in choosing design? You can also get some inspirational ideas by visiting nearest pubs and bars from your house. Or take some brilliant ideas here.

Location and placement

Firstly a home bar needs to placed in strategic, easily accessible and easily visible places in the residence. Living room is good choice to show how beautiful your home bar to the guest. If it’s impossible, another place you can try to build the bar is kitchen. Especially for you who have large kitchen with u shaped kitchen style. Very easy to make bar in U shaped kitchen, you need only put the folding chairs in the front of and bottle rack in the back side.
Home Bar Interior Design Ideas for Living Room Image 138Home bar could also built in a place where you can happy and party any time without interfering other areas of your house. A basement bar would be the greatest place for a home bar if you need more privacy but still have fun.
A home bar could also be placed in the entertainment room with the full flat screen tv and sound system. That’s definitely a great idea. You can check out the interesting basement bar ideas in this post.

Color and painting

Ideal colors for home bar is calm, smooth and slightly darker. Black is most used color to painting the wall or furniture. It’s usually combined with another dark color such as brown, red maroon or glossy blue. This means that the home bar furniture and wall colors, all must highlight this combination to have an overall funky effect. All the dark colors will look charm when mixed with sparkling glasses and bottles on the bar. That popular color concept is world-class bar. You can follow it or make your own style using combination of lighter colors like black and orange, white and green, purple and black or yellow and red.

Lighting effect for more impressive home bar

Rustic Home Lighting Ideas Image 140

The most crucial element that would increase the views for your home bar design ideas is the lighting. Installing the good lighting effects is smart ways to make the bar more comfortable to drink. Lights that you use must be able to illuminate all bar area. You can install the disco ball to make the bar more cozy to dance. This lamp hanging on the ceiling on above the counter. It’s become the focus spot for people who visit the bar. When you need luxury effect to illuminate some specific zone, you can try to install Tiffany lamps. Use colorful lamp for more impressive home bar looking.

Home bar design gallery

To help you find the best bar concepts, we have selected inspirations from popular designer. Check out this collection for more inspirational ideas.

  • Alligator home bar theme by Cris Pan
    Alligator Home Bar Theme Image 141Interesting concept for a home bar. Taking the theme of wild nature by combining the “malignancy” of Alligator with luxury European bar. Folding chair covered with genuine crocodile skin, as well as small pieces of ceramic wall composed of skin resembles the predator from Amazon.

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