Hanging room dividers is one of room partition solution to separate a room and others in the house or studio apartment. Numerous styles of this kind of room divider could be selected to create unique and chic accent on the house. Materials, colors, and motif choices offer their own characteristic as room decoration while giving the privacy. The following is little information about hanging divider to help you get suitable room divider ideas.

The benefit of using hanging room divider

Hanging room dividersis room divider type which typically hangs on the ceiling to replace the wall on the studio apartment or house. The benefit you will get by applying this kind of room divider is the various attractive designs which you can adore hang as your room wall. Secondly, hanging room divider is a space saving room divider because it hangs so it will give bigger space on the floor. It is flexible to be removed and reinstalled by releasing it from the hook installed on the ceiling.

The material choices of hanging room divider

sliding hanging room dividers

Sliding hanging room dividers made from glass.

There are many material choices of hanging dividers which can be set to suit your interior design room. The following materials are commonly used to create hanging room divider.

  • Wood
    Wood especially lightweight wood is often applied on hanging room divider. Various designs of hanging room divider is made of wood either it forms circle, curling, spiral, or just board and common frame. This material commonly gives exotic and classic accent but natural around it.
  • Plastic
    Beads are kind of hanging room divider made of by plastic. One of strength of this material is slighter than wood. Besides it is light in weight, it is rich of colors and shape. Those any unique shape can be formed by this material. In addition, plastic hanging room divider is completely cheaper than other materials. Actually it is based on the design of room divider. The more difficult and complicated the shape, the more expensive the price of it.
  • Marble
    Marble is a luxurious material which used to make hanging room divider. Various color of it with white color spot will give neutral accent on it to be applied on any interior room color. Furthermore, this material is cool which can create natural and fresh accent in the house.

Installation methods of hanging room divider

hanging room dividers pictures

Creative hanging room dividers with unique bookcase

Various methods of hanging room dividers are applied based on the room divider design. The following are several tools which commonly use to hang room divider.

  • Curtain pole
    Curtain pole is one of tools which can help to hold some types of hanging room divider included curtain. This pole can installed touching the ceiling or hanging with additional string wire installed on the ceiling. Some hooks can be applied on the top part of room divider to connect them with the pole.
  • Couple hooks
    Horse shoe shape hook and S shape hook are kind of couple hooks which usually use to hang the room divider. This couple hooks commonly installed on both room divider and ceiling or wire. These hooks are very useful to make the room dividers could be removed without unscrewing them.