Hanging room dividers is compatible solution for small size apartment or commonly called as studio apartment and any spaces with small criteria. This room dividers will give you the private area in your small apartment without making your room smaller. In addition, some hanging room divider can be rolled up or bundled when they are not in use. And numerous kinds of hanging room dividers can be the best choices to solve your problem space. Hanging curtain dividers, fabrics or wooden can be good choices.

Hanging beaded curtain

Many kinds of tool and materials can be chosen to be hanging room divider. Beaded curtain or hanging beaded room divider can be one of hanging room divider type. Besides it has unique motif when they are hanged together, this hanging room divider can mix with any color in your apartment. Some materials are available to make this room divider, such as wood, knicks knacks, satin, plastic, or other materials.Hanging beaded curtain with crystal accents for room dividers

Hanging fabric dividers

Other options to create unique hanging room divider are by using hanging fabric room divider. There are many kinds of hanging fabric room divider which can be selected. One of them is picture frame hanging room divider.

You can use some wooden photo frames which have been replaced with various fabrics on it. Use little chain or wires to connect them vertically, and then apply them as hanging room divider using ceiling pole which is set vertical. The other hanging fabric room dividers such as: plywood fabric, open wood frame, and canvas frame fabric hanging room divider.

Hanging bamboo blind

Small hanging bamboo blinds room dividers made easyBe natural with hanging bamboo room divider put in your studio apartment. Many various shape of hanging bamboo room divider can be found in the supply stores. Hanging bamboo beads curtain room divider will be good option to separate the room. Many available color and even motif which will be formed when it hanged together can be chosen. Others hanging bamboo room divider is hanging folded bamboo panel and other hanging room divider made by bamboo.

Sliding hanging dividers

Sliding hanging room divider is also the best solution for your room partition. This sliding room divider will be more practice to separate the room in your studio apartment, by sliding it to right or left as your favorite direction. Besides it is easy to install by you, it is also can be uninstall when it is not used anymore. The materials you can choose for this hanging room divider are glass, metal, aluminum, or even paper.

Hanging plastic dividers

White green hanging and sliding plastic room divider

Hanging plastic room divider is the simple and beautiful to be chosen as room divider. It is because there are many choices of color that will suit with your walls color. This hanging room divider usually found in beads form. With various shape, color, long, and motives which will be formed when they are hanged together, make it compatible as your home decoration tools. Currently, with smaller size of plastic beads, you can create any character which can be set as your hanging plastic room divider.