Hanging pot rack commonly needed to store pots, spatula, or other kitchen stuffs which spend more space in kitchen cabinet. This hanging rack usually hung above the kitchen counter to ease the kitchen user to take and put the pot. As usual, the shape of this hanging rack is circle with some hooks surround the circle handle. Some design models of hanging pot rack are created to complete the kitchen design ideas. The following are some of models which can be kitchen inspiration for hanging pot rack.

Vintage Western style

Western is the theme of this hanging pot rack. With star symbols framed by circle shape surround them. The entire of this hanging rack is made of metal, black becomes the main color and spread by chocolate color coating on its basket and star symbols. Two horse shoes wires are connected by horizontal straight wire to hold the basket rack and as a place for ceiling hooks on each horse shoe wire. Western hanging pot rackThere are wire floor on the basket to store any spices or just let it empty as desire. Under the basket, some hooks can be hung around to store the pots and other kitchen stuffs. Black pots and stuffs would be better to suit this shabby chic hanging pot rack. Very suitable for farm house kitchen style.

French hanging pot rack

French is popular with its classic style in any design idea, especially in building. To complete the classic luxurious kitchen decoration, this French hanging pot rack is the best choice to store the kitchen stuffs. Some silver grapes leaves decorate surround the hanging rack circle basket. French hanging pot rackTo hold the basket, six straight iron sticks connect the basket to a horizontal stick where the ceiling hooks are applied. Four sticks touch the basket frame to hold it, while two sticks in the center hang like hanging bells. Those sticks surrounded by spiraling grapes vine as classic decoration of French. In the center part under the horizontal stick, a silver grapes leaf swings between the hanging bells. Some hooks with the same distant of each other hung surround the basket to accommodate the kitchen pots. The entire of this hanging pot rack is colored in silver with gold coating finishing on it.

Stainless steel for modern kitchen

Stainless steel hanging pot rack

There are two samples of modern racking for your kitchen. The first looks simpler than the other with oval basket. Actually it doesn’t look like basket but an oval frame made of black metal with short height. On the middle of this oval frame, square net is set to hold some storing hooks. With this square net on the center, each side of this net just looks like a half circle hole on this modern hanging pot rack frame. Some hooks are hung surround the black metal frame. To connect this hanging rack to the ceiling, four small chains are hung on each corner of the square net to stabilize the rack. Stainless steel pots and stuffs would be suitable to this modern hanging pot rack.

Unique hanging pot rack

Unique hanging pot rackThe last sample of modern hanging pot rack allows a flower arrangement to be placed on its basket. This square basket is arranged in upside down position so that the basket space is used to cover the stainless steel pot hooks. Carved iron wire decorates surround the square basket which give this modern hanging rack looks classic and beautiful. Two medium stainless steel pans are put beside the flower arrangement. As like the previous modern rack, this hanging rack also uses small chains which applied in each of square corner basket.