Hanging garden design is extraordinary to be applied in the house or in the backyard. For house which has not much space for garden, hanging garden can be good solution to replace it. The house corner, living room, dining room, terrace, or even the house corridor can be chosen to hang the garden. Place which provides sun light, fresh air, and reachable to pour water is suitable to hang this garden, for example close to the windows. Planting media or pot is important tool to create this garden, the hanging garden called unique because of unusual pots shape and the way to hang them.

Hanging garden ideas with pot rack

Some of hanging garden design sample can be good inspiration in deciding your own hanging garden style. The first sample is simple enough, common clay pots which are usually found to place plants are arranged in three levels vertically. Each level has three pots of plants in the same size which connected by using sticks in each of pot side.

Hanging garden design using pot rackLong holes are made in each side of pot, so that the stick can be slipped to support the pots when they are hanged. To hang them together, long string or wire is banded in each of stick tip. The distant between the levels are about 50 cm to allow the taller plants grow properly. But you have to be careful to not allow your children play or stand under it to avoid they fall on them.

Unique hanging garden ideas

Unique ring hanging garden design by Alex LishOther unique garden design looks like a big ring. This hanging garden is unique with this shape. The lower part of the ring is made larger to accommodate the soil as planting media. If the ring pot is hanged, as if it has windows in each side. The ring pot is made from ceramic or plastic, glossy color such as: glossy white gives luxurious accent wherever this garden hanged. A small hole on the pot top is used as string place to connect the ring pot to house ceiling or pergola roof. Need strong wire to hung because the ceramic material is quite heavily. Better you use a small iron rod instead of a wire or rope.

Hanging water garden ideas

Small hanging water garden design for small room

The next is hanging water garden design has globe shape pot or planting place. It looks like terrarium because it is full covered by plastic glass with six circle holes surrounds it.  On the lower part white plastic becomes the pot base so that the soil will not be seen if it is looked from under it.

Various plants are planted in this globe pot even there is a kind of plant which is let to hang down over the pot hole. Light is important to the plants, so hang a lamp in it or over the pot if you decide to place this hanging garden inside the house. This light of lamp also create lighting effect surround the globe pot as well as disco lamp.

Hanging garden in Lawndale Art Center, Houston

Hanging garden design at Lawndale Art House, Houston, TexasThe last sample of hanging garden gallery is also unique to be hanged in the house. At the first look, this hanging garden looks like an anchor. But in the bottom part of anchor is replaced by a bowl shape to place the plant, for instance green grass plants. On the top of the anchor there is big knob formed like plane tail or something like shark fin. The middle body of anchor which is formed like stick is transparent in black glass. The entire of this unique hanging pot is black metal; this iron color looks luxurious for this garden design. String or wire is used to connect this pot and the room ceiling. There is a water infuse in each of pot to water the plant by slipping the infuse pipe on the top of pot which is formed like shark fin. You can see this garden in Lawndale Art Center in4912 Main Street  Houston, TX 77002.