Grey and yellow living room – What do you think when you see bright colors likes red, yellow, and green? Its fun, isn’t it? Then take dark colors likes black, dark purple, and dark green? What do you feel? I think there are some bad mood that appear.  Yes, we all know if colors can change our mood better. Now what can you do to make your mood always good? One of the ways is give some bright color into your house like. House as a place where people lives has important role for us. It must be fun if we can get our happiness by watching our house. The common color to boost our mood but still look elegant is grey. This color include into one of flexible colors which has various color combination results. So, let’s check this out our grey and yellow living room collection.

1. There is a big grey sofa and one smaller sofa located near each other in this luxury grey living room. There are five decorative pillows there. Modern grey and yellow living room designThey are yellow and grey. In the middle of the room, there is a large round table made from glass. This is a place to put some things on it. As the decorative for the room, there are two black jars on the right and left side of the sofa. The yellow wall gives cheerful impression. Three big windows also allow the sunlight still can enter this living room.

2. The next picture is an entertainment grey and yellow room. We start it with the wall that has same colors with the floor. That is grey. Grey and yellow living room with minimalist conceptAs a decoration, there are two pictures and one engraving above the windows. The pictures located in right and left side of TV. Watching television is more enjoyable with a big grey sofa and two smaller and longer yellow and grey sofas. We can see how yellow looks so contrast but it still produce the awesome design. Three round tables located in the middle of the room. And you still can a cute round chair too there.

3. The third grey and yellow living room ideas gives us something different. A big yellow sofa with two grey pillows looks suitable. Grey and hot yellow living room color

In the front of the chair there is an antique wood table. We can put books in a shelf under it and decorative things on it. The most interesting is racks that attached to the wall. It reminds us into Tetris game because it familiar shape. We can put many things there, includes books and vase. Unique glossy black vase made from ceramic is good selection to get more contrast schemes.

Grey and yellow living room in Pagoda Hotel, Thailand4. Have you think why this picture is bigger than other? Right, because we think it’s the best grey and yellow living room design. The next picture is a nice family room. Four chairs and one big sofa dominate an half of the room. Two yellow chairs and the others are grey. The big chair is yellow. The big windows with yellow curtain are so cute. Two big lamps located behind the big chairs. This design will make you more and more cozy atmosphere when you see the out landscape from the windows.

Grey and yellow living room with classic fireplace5. Get your cheerful winter season with beautiful interior. Two with chairs among the big fireplace are a good way. Then, there is a picture above the fireplace. Behind the pictures, there are two beautiful decorative. The wall is yellow. But the owner of the room adds white decoration behind the fireplace. A wood table located in the middle of the room. I’m sure you will be happy on this grey and yellow family decor.