Grey and white apartment decor ideas which we will discuss today is a modern apartment designed by Lanciano Design. It is certainly such creative and sophisticated idea to create the great effective solution for space saving living space. Well, we should know that white and grey color is good combination to make your interior decor brighter instead of combine the other colors at the same place.

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Grey and White Apartment with Space Saving Concept

The space saving concept applied in this medium apartment space can be seen on the wall, ceiling, floor, and furniture. The entire of this grey and white apartment decoris painted in pure white. This bright color makes the room looks larger, brighter, and of course cleaner. It is such a good idea for space saving concept. In addition, this color also applied on the ceiling and furniture. But you also will find that certain furniture painted in white to make chic and cozy combination among the other furniture.Interior of Grey and White ApartmentPorch Views of Grey and White Apartment

Grey and white apartment interior

Let’s look at the interior design of this apartment which applied grey and white apartment decor idea. This apartment certainly built with large space that used to place kitchen, dining room, and living room in the same room. The white accent is applied on the wall and ceiling, while the grey accent is applied on the furniture and floor. The unique accent is found on the face wall decals applied on certain wall area.Living Room in Grey and White Apartment

Grey and White Apartment InteriorThe three wall decals are transparent to follow the white wall color as the backdrop. It looks like painting when the grey line applied as the wall decals border. The color combination in this grey and white apartment decor idea is really harmony. You can see that this three in one room looks fresh with some green plants placed between the grey furniture. Couple big stainless steel pendants are hanging above the dining table stylishly to complete the modern sense.Dining Area of the Grey and White ApartmentKitchen in Grey and White ApartmentBedroom in Grey and White ApartmentDark accent in black is given in bedroom to complete the white and grey decoration theme. This black color is applied on the bed, blanket, TV cabinet, and of course flat screen TV. White color is still dominated the entire rooms in this modern apartment. Mirror wall applied in the bathroom next to the bedroom adds such sophisticated sense in the interior design. Grey stone brick tiles also participate on the bathroom to make this grey and white apartment decor idea looks perfect in its interior design.