Home sweet home. Colors can reflect a personality of the owner of the house. Combine bright colors can make a colorful house. A fun house. And some dark colors can make an elegant home. It all depends into the owner’s creativity of the house. You can choose grey color as the main decor in your room. These are natural colors. People often to use combine of grey and brown color to design their interior’s house. Why? Because it can make their house looks elegant. An elegant house is a great house to everybody. I’m sure you want to impress your visitor, don’t you?

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The first picture shows us a good interior. Brown color that dominates there makes the house interior looks luxurious. The high and large windows make the house looks bigger. The windows are made from full glass. Curtains and carpets are brown. Then, there are some big white sofas. Modern grey and brown living room ideas with white sofa and window curtainThere’s a decorative lights from glass located behind of the sofa that adds luxurious effect. We also can see two tables here. The first is high and have around shape. It is located in corner’s side of the sofa. The next one is the main table that shorter but have bigger spherical surface. This table is located in the middle of the room around the sofas. Then, there’s a black five box-shaped cabinet in the one of the corner. The unique shape is luxurious.

Luxury grey and brown living room ideas in Logana HotelThe next picture is a more cheerful house. It’s different from the first house. This house also adds green colors as the natural effect for the grey living room. The first thing that captured by your eyes is the unique carpet. The carpet has grass motive. It looks like you have your own grass in your room. The chairs placed spreads and make the room looks larger. There’s a round sofa in the middle of the room. In the outdoor, we can see a beautiful view. Palm trees and lakes are plus point. I’m sure you won’t miss chance to take a rest in this place.

French style grey and brown living room ideas

This picture is an example of how to apply grey and brown in the all in one living room and bedroom. The walls have two colors. The one is black and the other is grey that have same color with the roof. The bed and the chairs are brown. It gives natural effect. There are three painting that attached in the wall.

Classic grey and brown living room ideasClassic is good. Wall with brick motives is a good choice. Two grey sofas and one table looks suitable. You also can see a brown carpet and decorative plant in the corner of the room.

Small grey and brown living room ideasYou have a small room and don’t know how to design in it? This grey and brown living room picture breaks your mind. The high and large windows can make the room looks larger. There are two grey sofas in the middle of the room. A round green carpet is located under the sofas. Don’t forget our entertainment media. You can put a big flat TV in a side of the corner. Grey wall color with natural brick motive blended perfectly with all decor. A beautiful view outdoor makes us so enjoy in the house.