There are various colors of classic or modern kitchen design which commonly applied to beautify and complete the kitchen theme. Green is fresh color which is compatible to be installed on either large or small kitchen in the house. Apple or lime green colors will give you fresh nuance on this cooking area as well as the vegetable found in it. Sage green colors are softer will make the kitchen look elegant, clean also wider than actual size. This color can be combined with another darker or lighter color to get more effect in the kitchen and the following sample of green kitchen ideas will give great inspiration of designing a new kitchen.

Sage green and silver

Simple beauty and clean look are needed in designing this green kitchen color. L shape kitchen set is located close to the wall next to the large window. This metal kitchen cabinet is parted into hanging and standing cabinets. The hanging cabinet covered by glossy white color to fit the white bricked tiles on the kitchen wall. Sage green kitchen design ideasThe standing cabinet under it is covered by glossy sage green color. Stairs shape table on the short side of L shape is used to store microwave and single dining table. Above the microwave, glass shelves are arranged vertically to store dining stuffs and a pot of green plant.

Sage green kitchen colorGreen accent is actually gotten in the second sage green kitchen design. Actually the entire of this green kitchen wall is covered by off white color. U shaped kitchen is located in the corner of the large room with a large wooden framed window on the center wall. Two long wooden kitchen cabinets are placed on each side of U shape. One taller cabinet is stuck on the wall; it is used as cleaning area in this kitchen. The other cabinet is used as cooking and preparation area. A small space on this cooking cabinet is used as the dining table which can accommodate two dining stools. Some green bottle or accessories and green plants give green accent and reflection on the off white wall.

Sage green kitchen decorating ideas

Light green cabinets hang and stand on the center wall in the third sage green ideas. This green kitchen has two large blind curtained windows on each side of the center wall. The entire of the wall is covered by pure white color except the center wall which painted in off white color. The light green cabinets are used as cooking area on the right side and cleaning area on the left side cabinet. Square white dining table with two light green chairs located in front of the cabinet. A big white refrigerator is located close to the wall in the left side kitchen.

Fresh Apple green

Apple green kitchen colorApple green kitchen color is designed in curved shape with counter used as dining table. White and stainless steel are the most color found in this modern kitchen. On a wall side with two white hanging cabinets is covered by lime green color, there is a small square window between those hanging cabinets. The counter under the hanging cabinets is used as cleaning area consists of stainless steel faucet. Stainless steel big refrigerator is placed on other side wall in front of green wall. To add the green accent in this kitchen, three stools in the external curved island are colored in apple green color.

More fresh with lime green

Lime green kitchen design ideasWhite and green is the best color combination applied on this kitchen. White color paint is applied on the entire of the kitchen wall. There is long kitchen cabinet set with glass door hanging cabinet above it.

Lime green, yellow, and pale green cover the kitchen cabinet, backsplash, countertop from the bottom into the top part. Round white dining table is completed by yellow and lime green chairs surround it. Unique lime green chandelier with dome shaped lampshades hangs above the white dining table to add fresh accent in this lime green kitchen.

Lime green compact kitchen

Lime green compact kitchen colorThe last is a sophisticated lime green compact kitchen. Rectangle shape with smooth edges on this compact kitchen looks cute, Lime green color covers the whole top until the right side of the counter, this green counter can be pull to be set as dining table. When the green spot is pulled, simple faucet and stoves will appear on the black metal counter. On the other side of the green dining table, some functional drawer pulls and racks appear on the white color kitchen counter side.