Cool is an ambience which would be created in the green painted bedroom. This fresh sensation will help you to regain the power which lost while working or doing many activities at day. So that is why this color should be suitable as bedroom color theme. The main problem is how to find most suitable green bedroom ideas with simple steps and furniture. The following are some tips in choosing wall design, furniture, accessories, and even theme which will give you little information to create green bedroom properly.

Wall design for green bedroom

green wall bedroom decorating ideas

Creative natural wallpaper to make green bedroom

  • There are many kinds of green colors which can be selected to reach the fresh accent in the bedroom included lime green, sage green, dark green, light green, and some of new green color which are provided by many paint brands.
  • You can apply green paint color on the entire of bedroom wall. But you can combine it to other neutral color such as: brown, black, white, and grey. Apply green color on a wall behind the bed and neutral color on others wall.
  • Other color combination can allow you to choose strong color which contrast with green color if you want to create different and creative accent in the bedroom.
  • Green wallpapers or wall decal should be great choice to beautify your bedroom. Apply it on the center wall or half part on the entire bedroom wall.

Furniture of green bedroom

green bedroom furniture

various green bedroom furniture

  • Bed is main furniture in bedroom, without it the bedroom can not call as bedroom. So try to choose unique or classic bed design with green color composition on the divan and bed sheet. If the divan is green, try to apply white as neutral color on the bed sheet and the other way around.
  • Pillow sheets would be more attractive with different color as color composition in the bedroom. For example: if the bed sheet is colored in white, duvet or blanket in green, and wall color is in green and grey, so try to choose green, white, and grey color on several pillows.
  • Bedside is typically come with similar design as the bed, so try to match the stuffs or lamps on it as the color of bedside.
  • Closet and bedroom cabinet could be arranged in similar way as the bedside. The more similar the bedroom furniture, the more harmony the bedroom design look.

Accessories of green bedroom

unique green bedroom accessories

Unique green bedroom accessories

  • Wall accessories as like: painting, mirror, bookshelves, and photo should be matched with the wall color. If the wall applied by wallpaper or wall decals, try to not add any wall accessory to reduce the crowded effect on the wall.
  • Choose flower or green plants painting to fresh the green bedroom.
  • Various style of mirror can be hung as accessory or additional feature of dress table. White or green mirror frame would be suitable to the green bedroom wall.
  • Curtain in various designs could be applied on the window. Match the color of curtain to fit the green bedroom decor. Color combination should be great solution.
  • Green lamp shade would be better to put on the bedside, especially if there is unique motif and color combination on it. Other lamp designs such as: hanging bed lamp, floor lamp, ceiling lamp, even chandelier could be suit as desire with other things color in the bedroom.