Junk garden is a kind of sudden garden which uses junk stuff as its planting media or its decoration instead of throwing them to the trash bin. Sometimes the backyard in each house has a useful corner to store old stuffs which are not useful anymore. Rain would make them awful and create many dangerous insects or germ which can harm your family. By using those junk stuffs and give them some improvement to create unique junk garden, it would be more attractive and beneficial. Besides you can plant any plants such as flower, vine, grass, you also can use this junk garden to plant some vegetable plants which can you cook for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The following are some of extraordinary garden art from junk.

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Shabby chic bench

Garden art from junk old benchOld garden bench in front of the warehouse can be the best junk garden in your house. With others junk surround this cream old garden bench, it looks so natural. Long green stalks of pink rose are twisted surround the bench body. Blooming pink roses make the bench looks chic and cozy at day. Beside this old wooden garden bench, a pair of brown garden boots stands with pink flower grass plants in a boot. Next to the boots, a bunch of green plant planted on the ground beautifully.

Used boot and ladder

Garden art with used boot and ladderBroken shoes or a shoe which lost its pair can be media to create junk garden. Rotten wood ladder will make this garden unique and match with nature around it. Old wooden fence becomes the best background for them to give natural and beautiful accent. Bougainville flowers in pink and white color are planted in the man shoes which are arranged on the wooden ladder.

Some of rolled rusted wires and old rolled cable are hung on the wooden fence to complete the junk decoration. Many kind of shoes are perfect for make this art junk garden. Make sure you create a drainage hole as a place out of water so that plants do not rot.

Extraordinary rusty iron

Garden Art from used hammer

Rusted iron garden tools which have separated from its handle or even parted into two part can be recreate into unique garden decoration instead of buy it in the garden decoration store. In this junk garden, rusted iron owl is created creatively among the plants in the garden. The owl is made from iron part of shovel, parted crowbars, hammer, and any iron which looks like glasses without its handle. For owl head, hammer head set with hitter part in front as owl beak. Glasses iron look alike is placed on the hammer head as owl eyes, while shovel is stuck in the middle as owl body. Two parted crowbars are arranged stuck on the shovel as owl feet. On the bottom part of crowbars, it looks like some owl fingers are stuck on the crowbars. This owl replica stands on a wood stick in the middle of daisy flowers.

Cool fountain

Garden art from junk water canThe last garden art from junk uses rusted water can, an old pan, and its cover as the media of garden decoration. These old stuffs are located in the middle of green plants. Some big stones are put in this blue pan, this pan is half covered by its cover. The water can is arranged in bow position by a prop under it as if it is watering the pan. And then the water come down through the water can hole onto the stones in the pan. By applying this junk in the garden, it makes the garden looks fresher and wet with the poured water from the water can.