It is truly undeniable and irrevocable that sofa is important to be set in the living room, the place where you usually show off how beauty of your house is. That is also the place where you chat with your friends when they come to your house. The spot where you can mingle with the friends after long time no see. You are able to spend your time together and fill that with happiness. It may the main reason why you need to complete the living room with some facilities. You should make the living room more stunning by decorating some elements including furniture in the house. Then, your guests come there and feel impressed how beautiful you are.

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Marcin Wielgosz has a brilliant idea to make your modern home more sophisticated. The designer names the sofa Hocky. All lines presented in hockey are really amazing. You are able to touch the surface to know how gentle and smooth it is.

Innovative Sofa Design by Marcin Wielgosz 5Innovative Sofa Design by Marcin Wielgosz 7That is good and stunning. If you are looking for functionality and also innovation, this sofa will be the best option. Limitless comfort will be clearly presented in edges of it. The lines are simple. You will not find any ornamentation and detail here. B sitting on the sofa, you are able to get the imagination float. There is nothing to say anymore dealing with the comfort of the sofa.Innovative Sofa Design by Marcin Wielgosz

Floating your imagination is what the designer tries to offer by designing the sofa. You are able to lay your body on the sofa or just sit on the sofa for awhile. The fabrics are soft. Additionally, leather of the sofa is classy and sophisticated. It can improve the value of your house. Then, your guests will be so amazed with the sofa when they are entering your house. For the construction and bone, this sofa is supported with high quality wood and stainless steel inside the leather. So, you do not need to worry about durability and longevity.

Innovative Sofa Design by Marcin Wielgosz 2For the color, you are able to order it based on your own preferences. Just examine what the color suitable for your other elements set in your showing off room. Then, you can find good colors for the sofa. Basically, the designer offers this sofa in the combination of brown and mocha. That is good to create warm ambience in the entire living room. However, you can choose other colors to combine as well. Personalization is also appied for the fabric. If you think that the fabrics are not in line with your preference, you can choose the smoothest one then request it to the designer.

Looking at the design, it has been crystal clear that the sofa is great for modern home design. Then, it is necessary to look more on the measurement. The surface where you usually sit on the sofa is quite large, you are able to enjoy sitting down on it. You can also enjoy laying down there. The sofa named Hoky is such a good innovation of home furniture design. In addition, the sofa is completed with armchairs. You can get relaxed there.