Are you the one who keeps much stuff at the edge of a bathtub, or covers every flat surface with all the hygiene and beauty products? Even if you are very tidy and organized you would agree that there is never enough space in the bathroom to keep all the stuff you need in order. We always bring home more and more products, and can not resist buying, even just to try.

Here is one great DIY for a mirror bathroom storage cabinet that will provide you some extra storage space, but also you will be equipped with one huge mirror, so you could see yourself in a clear picture. Do not be afraid of it. It is great to have a full length mirror in bathroom, besides the one in the corridor or bedroom. Accept the challenge, we are sure that it will only give you positive notes and be a stimulant to improve your body, so as the looks when preparing to go out. Only in bathroom you are 100% alone and it is a great opportunity to be honest to yourself.

Bathroom Mirrored Wall Cabinet with Door

So let’s start:

What you need: a full length mirror, sides and shelves cut from pinewood or whitewood boards, hinges, a pull, magnet closures, and some construction accessories like screws, glue and tools. For the finishing select a color of wood stain to use.

How you do it: First make a frame and attach it with mirror on a board to create the door of your cabinet. Than make a body for your cabinet and fix the shelves at different levels to help you storage different kinds of products and stuff. It would be easy to join the parts with screws through pocket holes you make in the wood. Color the parts and join them with four decorative hinges. Attach the magnet closures and the pull, and everything that is left is to fix your completed storage cabinet with door on the wall. It is simple as that. You do not need a whole day to make this bathroom wall cabinet and you will enjoy the benefits of this bathroom storage solution for years.



Make the small sized shelves. In fact, the whole cabinet should be just a thin layer, an extension to the mirror on the wall. You should have just enough space to place the packaging of the hygiene and beauty products and accessories. You will have a clean view and everything will be just at a reach of the hand. Place the things you use frequently in the line with your eyes, and the ones you occasionally use to the top and bottom shelves.

When choosing color, make sure it fits with your overall design. You could preserve the natural color of wood in shades of brown. You could also paint it white, or any color that suits you. When deciding the height, know that the top shelf should be easily reached by your hand. And the bottom of the cabinet should not be touching the floor, so you wouldn’t have to bend. And floor could be easily cleaned what is  a must in the bathroom.