If you haven’t heard of the “wave” or “ripplefold” window treatment just yet, now it would be a great time to get more information. Basically we’re talking about a drape that creates continuous waves when closed. This can be achieved on a ripplefold drapery rod, which almost vanishes thus transforming your space into a fluid, soft and modern environment. This sort of drapes will make your windows appear modern, romantic, and really chic. Here are some more ideas you can get inspired from.

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Sheer drapes

Sheer drapes add a delicate allure to your home décor. They look amazing on a ripple fold because the wave-like creases make them appear gentle and flowing. Make sure you opt for top-to-bottom sheers and your entire room will be transformed from dull to fabulous. Sheer drapery works great in both commercial and residential spaces; they add a minimal hint to a space, and they instantly make it appear stylish without any sort of effort.

One of the most appreciated hue or style of sheer drapes is the white version that gives your room a beach-like, dreamy appeal. Combine yours with pops of colors, such as baby blue or cherry, and switch from contemporary to coastal in a split of a second without struggling too much. Sheer white curtains are an ideal canvas for additional décor ideas you might have for your home. This way you can revamp your interiors every time you want without spending a fortune on redecorating with expensive furniture.

Geometric prints and solid color patterns

Even though white is the simplest and trendiest way of decorating your windows with drapes, opting for bolder nuances can’t hurt. Keep the sheerness and consider additional shades of cherry-brown or caramel-fudge. White is all about tranquility and style, so if you feel that your living area needs to be spiced up, then you might want to go for solid patterns and ingenious color combinations. Lovely pinks, warm yellows and pastels in general are all excellent choices.


Fretwork panel screens

Are you in the market for some cool shades for your bathroom windows? Do you want something that’s unusual yet extremely enticing? Because if that’s the case we recommend fretwork panel screens. They’re intricate and they have fabulous history behind. The design was really popular in the 1930s Manhattan buildings.

Stained glass windows

Stained glass windows are the ultimate treat for your interior decor. This idea is excellent in areas with too much natural sunlight. Consider soothing hues and give your room an extra hint of freshness. If you’re not looking to replace your windows with stained glass, you could opt for window films. This way you will instantly change the décor without spending a lot of money. There are a wealth of designs you can consider, such as decorative frosted, leaf static cling, mosaic static cling, 3D frosted view and others

Mohair curtains

Mohair curtains are chic, contemporary and really stylish. The material is incredibly soft, and we particularly love it because it’s not commonly used for drape manufacturing. Consider contrasting colors of warm purple with deeper nuances, or even contrasting materials; for example you could have the curtains customized. Go for stripes and combine the mohair with alternating sheer silk stripes. Your windows will look expensive, sophisticated, and incredibly alluring. Spending time with your loved ones in the living area will be a delightful experience.


Black and white curtains

Black and white curtains are the ultimate treat you could give to your windows. The style is urban and extravagant, which is exactly what you need if your home looks dull and unappealing. Consider thick curtains to stop natural light from entering your room, and invest in a qualitative material. Cotton for example, is an excellent choice. The monochromatic combination will instantly grab attention, not to mention that the shades will change your space’s décor and make it appear classier and more innovative.

Living rooms and bedrooms with beautiful curtains are comfortable, modern and enticing. They instantly grab attention and make us feel welcomed. Rather than invest a lot of money in expensive furniture you can’t afford, why not give the windows a little treat and adorn them with wavy, urban shades?

By Jason Phillips and VanessaArbuthnott.co.uk!