Garden pathways is commonly applied in a garden especially in a large garden. This is important ornaments for garden especially for you who care in safety and clean. It is applied in the garden so that people can walk around the garden while enjoying its beautiful scenery. These pathways arranged interestingly, it can be arranged in a line from your door to around the garden; it can also be placed complicated in a short distance for each other, or it can be arranged in zigzags to give wider effect for narrow landscapes on your garden. Various pathways are made in different materials, color, and shapes. The garden owners can select it according to their garden design.

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Selecting the materials

Several materials which are commonly used for the garden pathways are wood, stone, clay brick, or gravel.

Wood, gravel, stone and brick garden pathways materials

  • Clay brick is the old look garden pathways. It is usually used to apply rustic garden design. By using clay brick, short edges can be compatible to place in each side of it. But this kind of frail material is not durable material for pathways, more over if you allow a barrow passed over it.
  • Wood is commonly used as pathways material. Usually it is formed circle log and place it on the garden will make the garden looks natural. But these wood paths can be rotten in rainy season. And it will look so dirty on your green garden.
  • Stone is a durable material for garden pathways. Besides it is stronger than clay brick and wood, it is compatible with water. For wider pathways, flagstones can be chosen as the pathways, even a car can pass over it without worry. But this material will spend more money than the other.
  • Gravel is the cheapest material for garden pathways. It is arranged by spreading it out in line on the garden landscape. But you must wear your shoes or sandal when walk over it, because some sharp grovels can hurt you.

The installation steps

The important things that you are supposed to do before deciding to install the pathways on the garden are find the flat landscape or making it if it is not found, so that the pathways can be installed properly. The location of garden pathways installation must be a bit larger than the pathways. Then try to mark the location using string. When installation process, make it sure that between a pathways to others has the same height after installed on the ground.  After finished the installation, try to step on it to check whether the pathways are installed properly.

The finishing touch

As the finishing touch in build the garden pathways, straight edges can be placed in each side of the pathways. Flowers in various colors can be planted as the edges. Green hedge is also a solution as the decoration. Some short statues also provided by garden stores to this finishing needs. A short bridge can be built in the middle track on the garden by making slope area for this bridge.