G shaped kitchen design is popular with its shape which can create a perfect private kitchen area. This kitchen design allows the users are surrounded by kitchen set and stuffs so that they can focus on their cooking activity with reachable and comfortable kitchen shape. It’s similar with U shaped kitchen layout with peninsula but without any curvature parts. As like G shape, mostly this kitchen design has a door area which connects the kitchen area to other room in the corner. But current G shaped kitchen layouts have their new style with various arrangements to adjust the room’s size and any kitchen condition.

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Modern layouts for small space

For instance in this modern G shaped kitchen design which is not arranged exactly forms G shape. The kitchen design is applied to fit the large space of kitchen. A long kitchen set which contains of wooden cabinets in each side of it, stainless steel refrigerator in right side, and sky-blue kitchen cabinets between stainless steel stove set is installed opposite the kitchen wall. Modern g shaped kitchen layouts with mini bar stoolsIn front of this kitchen set, there is L shape dining table and countertop combination. The countertop has black metal on its top and wood on its corner. The L dining table in the right side of countertop has grey and blue metal on the top and blue and wood combination on its body. A stainless steel faucet is located in the internal side of the L shape counter between the countertop and L shaped dining table. Three black circle stools are arranged surround the external side of L shaped dining table built-in bar style to complete this G shaped kitchen design.

Brown with minimalist concepts

Brown minimalist g shaped kitchen for small kitchenThe next G shaped kitchen design is almost the same with the previous kitchen design. But in this kitchen design, there are two L shape kitchen countertop facing each other. The first L shape is stuck on the wall with angle in the left side. On the left side wall, there is separated wooden kitchen cabinet which hangs and stands opposite the wall. On the right side wall, there is a blinded window behind the faucet, stove and its smokestack between others wooden cabinets with glass door hung cabinet above them, and tall wooden cabinet with stainless steel oven in the middle. In front of the first L shape, other smaller L shape is used as countertop and dining table with wood material on the top as like on other cabinets in this classic white kitchen.

G shaped bar kitchen ideas

G shaped bar kitchen ideas by Avanti

The next is G shape bar kitchen design and has modern look on it. This G shaped kitchen design is applied in a square room with three wall sides. On the area where is no wall found, a unique L shape counter with hanging wood frame is used as dining table as like a bar counter. In this bar counter, three unique stools are arranged in the external side of kitchen. And there is unique wine glass storage hung on the wood frame above the table. In this square kitchen, V shape counter fills two side of kitchen wall behind the bar dining table. Small green tiles are installed on the middle part of the kitchen wall in L shape. Cream hanging cabinet and its standing counter is installed in L shape following the L shape of ceramic tiles. This L counter contains of stove and its smokestack, faucet, and some dining stuffs which placed on it. On other wall side to complete this V shape, tall kitchen compact contains of double doors refrigerator, oven, and cabinets. This modern kitchen compact is colored in grey to match the kitchen wall color.

Luxury G shaped kitchen design

Luxury g shaped kitchen design made from teak woodThe last G shaped kitchen design has the same arrangement with the third kitchen sample. Wood is the main material of the kitchen set and cabinets. A bar alike of dining table is located in the no wall area of this square kitchen. A stove set is located in the middle part of wall between the wood cabinets and face the dining table bar. On the left wall side, unique floor to ceiling glass wood cabinet is installed on the wall next to a single door refrigerator. The wall side in front of refrigerator contains of parted cabinet and medium glass door next to the bar counter. Double sink with a faucet in the middle are installed on the bar angle in front of the window. Two dining chair are set in the external side of bar counter.