By looking at the picture of this funny pocket knife with animal blades, don’t ever think that it is a toy for kids. That is absolutely not.  Even though the pocket knife has a cute shape, it does not mean that this stuff is created for kids. You should make your kids so stay away from this knife. It is strongly stated that this knife is really dangerous. The blades are still sharp and harmful. David Suhami is a designer who is sitting on the bench behind the innovatively sharpness of the knife.

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In creating an animal shaped knife, Suhami uses incredible idea that is never thought by many people before. He combines animal features with elegant and simple design. The knife is created for adult people who like enjoying small objects.Funny Pocket Knife with Animal Blades

Funny Pocket Knife with Animal Blades 1The stuff is so appealing to perspective minds of adults. Besides for cutting something when you are camping or doing outdoor activities that need a knife for cutting. You will find that there are some interchangeable elements in the knife. You have legs, heads, and also tails for three different animals such as an antelope, a giraffe, and also a rhino.

Funny Pocket Knife with Animal Blades 2

If you are interested in playing small objects, this knife is really recommended. You are able to make a hybrid animal based on your own imagination. That is able to broaden your knowledge about animals and stunning equipment. What makes the knife impressive is the combination of style mingled in that tool. Those are traditional craftsmanship and modernity of technology. For the traditional one, that impression is obtained by using materials of Tabebuia wood. Contrarily, the modern one is explained through a stainless steel material in the knife.

Funny Pocket Knife with Animal Blades 3The text above mentions about materials used. Tabebuia wood is used for the handling. It is strong but it has smooth surface. From the color, you may understand that traditionalism is what the knife offers through the handling. Stainless steel is a good material to combine the wood. The blade is made of the stainless steel. The materials are used together in the knife. It is good for trend and style. You can use the knife for cutting in outdoor area. You can also use it to improve your creativity in small objects by creating the animals from the knife blades. In short words, it can be concluded that the knife is truly good and sophisticated for functionality and also the look of yours.