As the rest of the world knows that France has a bit sacrificing style, none in the world accused me of doing it. Even though Paris has overcome the trace of powdered bustles and wigs, you will still find a stylish sign in almost everything they opt to do. Below mentioned homes are not sharing any particular interior home design, but still they have French touches that reflect certain desires and passions of the occupants. In all these Parisian homes and apartments, we will determine that French style is all about integrating old trends into new styles and offering new ideas to the people who want to have them.

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At first, look at this attic apartment that utilizes every chance to develop and incorporate with it red and black theme. From cheeky art to throw pillows and enviable Eames chairs, this apartment has everything without giving a feel of being overly done.

attic appartment

attic appartment ideas

You will rarely find such a dramatic use of red color in Parisian space. This red themed French studio apartment has an amazing feeling of den of passion.

red themed french studio apartment

You will also feel delighted to discover that there is a wide variety of rugs and floor coverings that are placed throughout the Parisian space. Their different textures prevent the antique wood flooring and make the entire place dampening with echoes and comfortable.

incredibly homey design with simple houseplant

Apart from having a simple interior design, this apartment has been designed incredibly homey with the help of the addition of simple houseplant. The design brings outdoors outside and always reminds occupants to pray and hope for lovely spring, no matter if there are dreary, rainy months.

floor-to-ceiling long bookshelves and a wrought iron balcony

In this home interior design, there are floor-to-ceiling long bookshelves and a wrought iron balcony that work as indication of the French life style. With this interior decor, you can celebrate, relax and read easily. Black furnishings are the most famous themes for Parisian homes so you can also have it if you like.

parisian styled living area

open living area parisian styled home

Another Parisian styled home has open living area that flows seamlessly into a gleaming, massive kitchen having a big counter space and golden tile splash. This design is considered as the best retreat for Parisian gourmand.

well patterned rugs

Here as well- patterned rugs and bookshelves will bring distinctive lived-in-feeling into the home. This French themed design also has a leather armchair that proves to a timeless addition into the library nook.

Below is another high end interior design for nature lovers. You will find plants placed at different areas of the home thus giving occupants a natural and healthy environment to live in.

high end interior design for nature lovers

big courtyard

There are a few Parisian homes that have such a big courtyard. This design features a great love towards nature and encourages people to choose it.

furnishings in garden-level accommodation

art in garden-level accommodation

The art and furnishings in this garden-level accommodation are sleek and modern but with classic elements such as sterling and molding silver serving trays, you will have stylish and fascinating touch.

French-Polynesian Luau

There are handing wines in the decor that add colorful garlands and provide an impression of being an enthusiastic French-Polynesian Luau.

natural ceilings

Here is another wonderful interior design idea for having a Parisian styled home. There are natural ceiling beams that enable irregular wood grains to shine in the place instead of hiding beneath finishes or paint.

gourmet kitchen

Since every Parisian home is provided with a place to have a gourmet kitchen, you still need to pay a lot of attention on different aspects, ranging from gleaming hood placed over the stove-top to butcher block counter-top.

bookshelves going to the ceiling provided with a rolling ladder

Using the vertical space is always essential in an urban environment. Here we see books stacked clear to the ceiling, with easy access from a rolling librarian’s ladder. While heavy curtains and chevron flooring would be at home in any antique dining room, the choice of bright purple chairs situates this space in contemporary France.

purple seats and blonde interior