Most people prefer to design their kitchen with a view to create flexibility and functionality accent. The flexibility applied in the kitchen allows you to reach from area to area easily so that the activity in the kitchen will run smoothly. The functionality means more activities which can be done in a kitchen including storage, cleaning, cooking, and even gathering. That functionality can be set in some kitchen cabinets either base or hang to hold the cleaning area: sink and faucet, cooking area: oven, microwave, stove, and chimney, storage: refrigerator, cabinet, rack, and so on.

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There are various styles of kitchen; they commonly designed as like alphabet shape. Those styles are typically completed with various kitchen designs such as: rustic, modern, classic, antique, and French country kitchen. Those designs should be suit to the owner personality to reach such strong accent between the kitchen and other rooms in the house. French country kitchen is simple kitchen design which applies kind of rustic or rural sense in the house. In this kitchen design, you can feel as if you are cooking in the rural cottage specifically in rural French.

Color schemes

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  • Basically, as French nuance, French country kitchen contains of romantic and relax accent. This accent can be built by color on the kitchen wall such as yellow, butter, mustard yellow, and blue.
  • For color on kitchen cabinets, you can try to apply blue corn flower or pink salmon to give country accent in the kitchen.
  • For simple color option, try to choose kind of soft or shade color like cream, yellow, and others

French country kitchen accessories

French Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Natural light is recommended for French country kitchen design, furthermore if the windows are applied with various fabric motifs for curtains. Much natural light applied in the kitchen, country accent will be applied perfectly to make a shade and light on the kitchen cabinets and appliances.

  • There are many French look curtain motifs which can be chosen. For plain motif, there are toile and canvas to give vibrant accent. For colorful motif, there are herbals, vegetable, and fruits prints.
  • Tall vase such as terra cotta in French country kitchen will increase the rustic sense. Put some spatulas and kitchen utensils in it and put it on the countertop or cabinet near faucet.
  • Besides kitchen cabinets arranged in the kitchen, hang some racks or free standing wire racks to store bowl, ceramic, napkin, and other decoration to press the French country feeling.
  • Breakfast spot can be created by applying island between the kitchen cabinet. Ensure to choose the size of bar table which will not disturb the kitchen traffic. This island can give you and your family a spot to gather in the kitchen.
  • French country kitchen is actually identical with natural accent with much free space to cool and wide the sense. So try to use hanging rack made of copper or anything to store your pots and other kitchen utensils.