Various curtain ideas can be applied as windows treatment to suit the interior decoration. Especially if this unique model of curtain is applied on the kitchen window, beautiful accent will be created as well as in other rooms in the house. French country kitchen curtains are solution to create classic sensation on the kitchen. There are numerous styles of this kitchen curtain design which is so attractive to be applied and suit to the kitchen decoration style.

French country nuance is created on this chic kitchen curtains. There are two poles which are hung to accommodate the curtains. The first pole is hung on the top window to accommodate short curtain, the pole covered perfectly by wrinkle stitching on this curtain. Second pole under the first pole is hung to accommodate the longer curtain, of course with same motif and hidden curtain pole application. Wavy accent is created on this curtain because of the wrinkle stitching on the top part of curtain. There is an area on the window which is not covered by the curtain to allow the kitchen to get additional natural light directly from the sun. Wooden kitchen cabinets and maroon wall color of kitchen blend perfectly with this curtain.homemade French country kitchen curtains
The second French kitchen curtain looks common as like other usual cotton curtain. But the French accent on this curtain can be seen on the checkers or square motif which is colored in maroon and white color. Wrinkle stitching on the top part of curtain beautifully cover the black curtain pole. long French country kitchen curtainsAnd there is short curtain with two tied ribbon to give wavy accent on it. When the owner wants to get natural light through the window, this French country kitchen curtain can be tied to the side of the window.

red French country kitchen curtains

To complete the French nuance in the kitchen, cream and maroon motif curtain covers the half part of the wooden framed window. It looks that there is no curtain pole used to hang this curtain, string or even some nails can be used to replace the pole. On the bottom part of the French kitchen curtains, there is cream transparent lace sewed to beautify this curtain when it hung on the window. This lace additional cloth on this curtain will looks fabulous when the cream morning sun light come through, because this lace will look shinny with this natural light and increase the beautifulness in this kitchen.

modern French country kitchen curtainsDo you have drapery set installed on the window in your house? The next French curtain is like the top of drapery part. There is no long hanging curtain on the windows in this dining room. This kind of short curtain is only hung on as decoration to cover the top part of window. Red and orange colors blend harmony on the curtain motif with wavy or curling line arrangement on the bottom part of the curtain. This color and its top drapery arrangement look beautiful in this pure white dining room wall color.

yellow French country kitchen curtainsSimple action also can be applied to create classic accent of French country in this kitchen. With additional day light, white wall color, and cream curtain color create warm and exotic light effect in this kitchen with three windows in it. Cream motif curtain with brown color on its border hang to cover the half of window. Two long ribbons with brown and cream color are tied vertically to create wavy accent on the bottom of the curtain. Cream color for the furniture will be appropriate to fit these French country kitchen curtains.