Choosing the bathroom furniture can either be a nightmare for a person, or it can be extremely fun and pleasurable task. Of course that it partially depends on the person who is doing the furnishing and their attitude as well, but a lot can be accomplished by simply following these four steps that will help you get started and motivated, as well as hopefully turn this process into something that you will happily remember. After all, we are talking about making your home prettier. It goes without saying that once a person is happy with their home design and decor – the overall life satisfaction significantly improves. Also, one should be aware of the fact that bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. Not only do you start your day there, so that it is very important that you like what you see when you enter the bathroom, but also it is a place where you want to be able to take a relaxing bath or a quick shower. Other than that, the chances are your guests will visit this room (unless we are talking about more than one bathroom, furnishing the bedroom bathroom etc.), so it is only natural that you want to leave a good impression. With this in mind, let us begin with making your bathroom pretty!


  1. The purpose. It might seem obvious, but it can be quite important to define the main purpose of the bathroom you are decorating. Choosing the right furniture will depend on this. So if this is the only bathroom in your home, you want to make it pretty and functional at the same time. If there is more than one bathroom in your home, you can allow yourself some luxury which often comes with decreased functionality for at least one of them. Who is going to use this bathroom? Are there children who should be thought about? Is it supposed to be used by more than one person at the same time (there are some very effective combinations of double sinks and very large mirrors that for example enable spouses to get ready for work together)? Think of what you wish to accomplish, and then you can select the specific furniture for that purpose.
  2. Space limitations. Keep those in mind. Most of us are not that lucky to be unlimited with the very structure of the bathroom. Find the best arrangement that works for you, think of functionality, and decide what, are the key elements you want to include in your bathroom, and which can be left out if the room does not allow enough space. Do not forget about the walls – there are many possibilities to use them as storage space (with shelves, cabinets and similar) while making the bathroom look better. Think about investing in hand made furniture. It usually is a bit costlier, but it can become the difference between well used space that looks elegant, and the crowded feeling of trying to combine elements that simply do not work in your bathroom. While the furniture is there to improve the overall design of the bathroom, it must never get in the way or make it harder to access something, open the bathroom door, open cabinet doors and similar.


3. Comparing different ideas. Prior to selecting anything in particular, get familiar with what the market offers. Trying to rush things is usually not going to leave you satisfied. The supply for bathroom furniture is really vast, and you should set your final goals. Determine the price you can spend, find several different suppliers who are within your financial abilities, and contact them to find the best solution for you. Other than that, many photos with excellent ides can be found online and in magazines. Some more effort at this point will add a lot to the final results you are striving for.

4. Color. This is a very important factor to be considered when choosing your bathroom furniture. Not only do you have to think about the color of the furniture itself, but you need to keep in mind how it will combine with the wall and tiles color in your bathroom. If you are completely redecorating, you can choose different tiles, and this leaves a lot of room for creativity. If you have predetermined color range of tiles and walls, you need to go for an option that will look well combined in the end. White is usually a safe bet, but it is incredible how pretty and effective furniture can be if you add some color to it. There are also various possibilities of making the entire room really colorful, doing it with taste of course. This can brighten your day each time you enter your bathroom, so think about combinations before you make your final purchase.