Shabby chic living rooms are back and in style. Furniture for these inexpensive and delightful rooms have been featured in design magazines all over the country. They are a great way to decorate on a budget and create a unique environment for entertaining guests. The hallmark of the shabby chic living room is the “down home” feel created by the style; this is created by every piece in the room, right down to living room curtains. Each piece of inexpensive furniture that appears handmade or vintage combined with smooth lines offers a unique flavor for your parlor that can only be described as “shabby chic”. Here are five examples of beautifully done shabby chic living rooms with funky furniture that you can adapt to fit into your living room and your style over a weekend without spending a fortune on new furniture and decorations.

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country sitting


This living room has freshly slip covered furniture and antique wall decorations. Your furniture shop can often recommend a good workroom if you have a couch you are in love with, but the fabric doesn’t fit your new theme. The blue and white China are a classic and the floral art prints can be purchased online, but often can be found more cheaply in an antique shop. You can upgrade the frame to match other wooden furniture in the room or use a repeating color pattern to tie everything together. Try to avoid plastics, go with cotton fabrics and woods, if possible.

Family Time


This design is great if you have a large family, or if you have guests that you treat like family. The well-loved living room set faces a worn coffee table creating a room within a room. The fireplace serves for heat and conversation by adding interesting items to the mantel. An improvement could be made by stacking family photos over the couch on the wall, either creating a wall college with multiple frames or purchasing a pre-made collage and adding in your own pictures. The worn feeling of this room makes it especially important to keep all of the pieces within the theme. Adding something from a more recent period could cause the room to stop appearing “shabby” and look more “dirty”, this isn’t the best room for a brand new flat screen, but it would be a fantastic area for board games. You could easily recreate this room with some cheap living room furniture, some frames and favorite old photos and a coffee table you find on Craigslist.

Porcelain Princess

Porcelain Princess


This room is heavy on the chic but the shabby is hiding under the couch cushions. Notice the clearly handmade slipcovers on the antique furniture. For this level of quality we recommend finding a local fabric store and asking them about their workroom. Many of these stores have custom departments who will sit down and help you pick out the perfect fabric and give you an estimate. This can be extremely handy if you’re working on a tight budget and don’t have all the trinkets that you want. Take care of the furniture first and then start raiding yard sales.

Flower Friends

Flower Friends


Flower patterns are a recurring theme when designing anything shabby chic. Because flower patterns are often bold, it’s important that you make sure that there are some muted patterns or solid colors to keep your room from looking too hectic. This wicker loveseat allows each of the different floral patterns to shine through because of the white cushions. The muted pattern on the wall and rug continue the theme and support the accent bouquets. Wicker furniture can be hard to come by in certain areas; you may want to check out furniture auctions if you are in love with this room design.

Modern Man


modern man

No one loves the shabby chic furniture revival as much as modern minimalists. This living room is decorated with inexpensive furniture and prints and most interesting is exposed wire, industrial feel living room lighting. Leaving the walls virtually bare draws the eye to the bright couch. While this room is very different from the country feel of our other examples, there is no denying there is the same laid back feel to the room. This is the neo shabby-chic, a kickback not to the days of cross-stitch but to the antique era of music. This is an up and coming version of the style and will become more common in the future of modern home decor with the feel of the classic shabby chic theme.
Shabby chic furniture for living rooms are a developing style. The concept is more about the feel of the room created by the pieces rather than the actual appearance of the pieces themselves. A shabby chic room is comfortable, calm and provides a general feeling of peace.