Home decoration can be really challenging, first you have to find your budget, know what you like, what needs to be done, what you want to be done. It’s not easy to express your ideas when you have to work with so many confines. Speaking of confines, the biggest challenge for many individuals looking to redecorate a space is the lack of space. Small apartments mean small rooms, which translates to a need for creativity when sprucing up your space. We have five ideas for spaces that will fit all your stuff, and still are visually appealing, even if you live in a teeny-tiny apartment. Many house decorating ideas can be applied to small apartment living but fall flat once you realize that your lease isn’t going to let you modify the space you rent from them to suit your needs. We have some tips and tricks that will take some portions of our ideas that may not thrill your landlord and help you apply them in a more lease-friendly fashion.

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Modern Living


This space features some fun pieces that you can purchase at several online furniture shops. This apartment has a tiny square space meant to be utilized as a living room. Here we maximized the storage without impeding the walkway between the two entries. When all else fails in a small space, go up. The entertainment center offers some storage, but not enough to house the DVD collection, the floating shelf installed on the wall allows the collection to be displayed in an organized fashion. The space is too small for a traditional couch or even loveseat so oversized chair-and-a-half furniture works well.

Splash of Color


One of the first things that come to mind when talking about home decorating is color. This small space solution eliminated the need to alter the color of the walls by using high contrast furniture colors with bright accent color to bring the room together. Notice that in order to keep the room from appearing busy, the items used for storage are dark and the focal point of the room, the couch is a lighter color. Placement is also key, storage is lined up on the sides of the room, where activity is less likely to occur and artwork is used to border the couch and window which are clearly the highlights of this room. This trick for keeping visitors eyes where you want them is great in apartments. It’s easy to continue through other rooms if you choose the right bedroom decoration. While most visitors won’t be looking in your bedroom, if your bedroom ties every other space in your house together, you are more exposed to the colors during creative cycles of your day and may find it easier to decorate more complex spaces with the same theme.

Keep it Simple


Decoration ideas can sometimes cause small spaces to appear busy, or unlivable. This small living room has space obstructed by an extra deep windowsill and a wall that juts out awkwardly into the open concept space. Fortunately the window bump out covered the radiator so the couch can be pressed against the far wall, creating enough walking space to use a long footstool with storage inside and hideaway coffee table to take care of the storage needs of the room. The television rests on an opposing shelf built into the wall, a feature that apartment dwellers can imitate with crates linked together or a tall thin bookshelf painted the color of the apartment walls and pressed tightly to the wall.



We love home design ideas that jump out and surprise your company. This tiny living room seems more like a hallway between the kitchen and dining room. This is a perfect place for your more punctual company to have a glass of wine while you finish up the appetizers for the rest of us. The accent wall can be modified for apartment dwellers whose lease forbids changing the wall color by hanging a tension rod with a panel of fabric as closely to the wall as possible. Remember when purchasing fabric with a pattern to check the width. Most bolts won’t cover an entire wall so you may need to sew panels together, if that is the case have someone in the store help you calculate the repeat of the pattern to make sure you’ve got enough. As a general rule always get one repeat more than you need if you are having a professional create the panel, and more if you want to DIY and don’t have much experience with repeats.



House renovation isn’t something that your recently graduated son is likely interested in. But you can help him spruce up his first apartment, no matter how tiny the living room with sectional furniture. Keeping the longer pieces in corners will maximize the space for the two most important pieces of furniture in his living room- the TV and the coffee table. Many young bachelors eat their meals in front of the TV, this design allows for plenty of room for a good sizes table, which means he will be sure to eat all of those meals that he comes home to ask you for.

Living room designing ideas often fall flat when working with small spaces in small apartments. We hope that these tips and tricks will help you better utilize any space that has seemed too limited to be livable previously. Happy designing!