It is quite natural for you to seek admission in a reputed college. After all, your job prospects seem much brighter when you graduate from a highly acclaimed and accredited institution. Nevertheless, there is no harm in exploring other options. You might give a thought to these five unique institutions for interior design in USA.

Harrington College of Design

The best aspect of this CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation)-accredited Institute in Chicago, Illinois, is that it permits working adults to go in for a lifestyle change or start a second career by signing up for the four-year degree course. They can attend weekend classes or night courses, since they work during the day. At the end of four years, just like you, they will be awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree. Another degree on offer is a Master’s in Interior Design.

As for you, experienced Faculty members will encourage you to bring your innate talents to the fore, via your dedication to aesthetics, technical aspects, strategic thinking, space planning, environment, safety, computer applications, communication skills, business ethics and problem solving. Regardless of whether you specialize in branded environments, historic preservations, sustainable design, or digital technology, you will have your professional portfolio ready at the end of four years. Website:

Pratt Institute

The locations of this non-profit, private, CIDA-accredited organization are ideal – scenic areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan; each campus is 25 acres in area. The one in Brooklyn is located next to the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, which is renowned for innovative entrepreneurship. If you gain admission into the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interior Design) program, you can consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the U.S., for extremely renowned designers, scholars and artists are going to share their expertise and experience with you. It should help that the interdisciplinary programs and training facilities provided at this Institute are ranked highly across the nation.

By the time you graduate, you will have ample knowledge about both, architecture and design. Unlike other institutions, Pratt believes in emphasizing on spatial design and surface embellishments. You will learn about the finer nuances of light sources, scales, proportions and configurations, apart from gaining valuable information about materials, colors and textures. At the same time, you are urged to remember your ethical and social responsibilities towards society, be philosophical in thought, and present your aesthetically appealing innovations in a practical manner. All your creations should be functional, healthy, of a high standard and safe. Your last year at the Institute will culminate in a research project based on a particular thesis. Website:

Savannah College of Art and Design

Commonly referred to as SCAD, this non-profit, CIDA-accredited and private organization finds a place amongst the five unique institutions for interior design in USA. According to academicians, the four-year and two-year interior design courses are some of the most professionally designed and the largest, in comparison to similar courses offered at other places in the U.S. As a student, not only will you gain advanced theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience. SCAD collaborates with several industrial firms, to offer you a real-world experience through projects and internships. By working in their studios, you will gain invaluable expertise, as well as cement relationships for the future.

savana college of art


The idea is to look at the whole picture, and not view it in bits and pieces. If you wish to be an efficacious interior designer, you will have to know something about architecture, furniture design, historic preservation, people skills, critical thinking, and digitalization and software. Only then, will you be able to explore the relationship between human beings and their external environment. Website:


Interior Designers Institute

Would you like to be associated with big names like Disney, Mercedes Benz, and so on? Then, you had better apply for the four-year Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design program, or the two-year Associate of Arts degree at this institution located in Orange, California. Your mentors are at the top of their respective fields and are well aware of how to use the facilities to the best possible benefits. Additionally, they will encourage you to participate in local and international competitions, to get a feel of the business. Above all, you will receive individual attention, since class sizes are small. Website:

Fashion Institute of Technology


It is associated with the State University of New York, offering four-year graduate and two-year postgraduate programs. With the help of its teaching Faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, the institution is able to mold novices into excellent professionals, who can work in famous firms like Interior Architect, Rockwell Group, Gensler and so on. You can become a ‘trendy’ interior designer. Website:




Hope your interest in interior design has been renewed after perusing the five unique institutions for interior design in USA. Do not let your creative imagination be wasted; use it for society’s benefit.