Remodeling ideas are often thought of by interior decorators and their clients, but usually the rest of the family isn’t quite as involved. Unfortunately that means sometimes, when it comes to redesigning children’s rooms, the children’s preferences are overlooked. This can lead to real frustration when you have put in immense amounts of time, effort and money to create a unique and fun space for your little one and they simply aren’t are excited about the change as you are. Or worse, they tell you that they don’t really like it and you are heartbroken and they are stuck with a room that they won’t enjoy. We have interesting five beds that are sure to please both your child and encourage them to offer you some useful input, for your next big do over and make sure that everyone is delighted with the result of your newest design idea.

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Storage Bunks

How to remodel a storage bunks

Bunk bed designs have always been a favorite of children and a worry for moms. This sturdy design offers a storage solution that may help to make you feel more comfortable with your child’s desire to sleep six feet off the floor. The top bed is single and the bottom is double sized which will allow for your child to grow into the lower bed and use the top bed for storage as he grows older. Or if you have a smaller home and not enough rooms, this bed could be shared by siblings who need different sized beds and still satisfy the constant nagging for a bunk bed that you have said “no” to purely because of the need for different sizes.

Dreams Float

Modern contemporary furniture

Any good bedroom renovator will show you that space is an issue. This unique bed will allow your little one to dream above their play space, which is ideal when you have a small room. The piece is a modern design and will fit in well as your tyke ages and start adding more and more electronics, but is also devoid of any decals or characters that will make the bed less suitable for any theme that comes up later in life. Modern contemporary furniture, like this bed are great for any age, and while this bed is only available in single size even your teen will enjoy the style. Check out your local furniture outlets for similar “floating bed” styles in larger sizes if your child has already outgrown this unique bed.


Household furniture

Household furniture often gets restored and is available quite cheaply from small antique stores, even if the piece isn’t truly antique. Consider perusing a local shop and finding a piece that has been restored and is safe for your child’s room. Never purchase a used mattress, especially if the dealer alerts you that it may be antique. Antique mattresses were made from any number of things, including hay and grass that may house bugs, mold and mildew. Never use antique or used bedding, only agree to purchase the bed frame if you find one that you are interested in. Be wary of purchasing a used bed frame from someone one mass auction sites like Craigslist, if something is not as advertised, they are virtually impossible to find or charge if necessary.

King Arthur

suspended bed over a curtained play

Who hasn’t had to explain to their child why it isn’t okay to go to the playground in the middle of a thunderstorm. This bed brings the playground home. The suspended bed over a curtained play space gives your child a feeling of security while in his castle but the sheer windows provide mom with the comfort of being able to see her child.

Stuffed Animal Bed

stuffed animal bed

One of the most interesting room furniture ideas that we have is the stuffed animal bed. Perfect for home designs with a playful feel. There are a few designs available besides dog and dinosaur but the best part is your child will never lose their stuffed animal again. With this bed there is no excuse to crawl into your bed when she needs teddy bear to protect her from the monster under her bed. They will feel safe and secure sleeping on top of this single bed with attached appendages to create the character. The sleeping area itself is not plush so there is no need to be concerned about suffocation. As these beds grow in popularity, keep an eye out in their catalogs for more designs and furniture decorators to become available to obtain this whimsical bed.

We hope that these bed ideas will help you, your designer and your child create an environment that your child will love to play in while awake and sleep peacefully in at night as well as inspire your child’s creativity and encourage them to become a lover of room design like you.