We have seen the light…home decor isn’t complete without lighting. While many people fall back on the traditional floor lamps, we challenge you to take some inspiration from the unique lights that we found and treat your lighting more like house renovation. While most of us buy our lights from the lighting section of chain hardware stores, there are specialty lighting companies that sell unique lighting fixtures that can serve as a conversation and art pieces in your house interior ideas. Interior renovators can often help you locate one of these stores and are knowledgeable enough about the electrical requirements of their clients homes to help you select the right kind of light for your particular project that will still function as interior renovation. Check out these five featured home decoration pictures featuring lighting next time you want to change your interior home design.

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Winter Wonderland


Kitchen furniture companies often show images of well-lit perfect kitchens in their catalogs, but in reality the kitchen is a tricky place to light. Floor lamps and desk lamps aren’t appropriate and hood lights for the stove don’t offer enough light to see effectively. The best place for lighting is overhead. Just because the kitchen is a place where people usually do a lot of work doesn’t mean that it can’t be lovely. This open concept home uses various types of lighting to create a separation between rooms, the kitchen features beautiful lights that resemble water that was instantly frozen into ribbons, while the living room area has a chandelier type lamp and decorative table lamp in similar colors to the kitchen lights, creating a frosted theme, perfect for the white walls that run the length of the home.


This large kitchen area has an island that serves for family dining. While recessed lighting hides in the ceiling over the counters that outline the room the dining area is highlighted with three dropdown lantern type light fixtures with an artistic twist. The lanterns are not the traditional shape but instead seem to be lighted springs. Often when we talk about kitchen makeover ideas we suggest adding an island for dining or serving purposes. By adding unusual lighting on top of the functional lighting of the kitchen this room went from primarily a kitchen with a touch of dining room, to primarily dining room. The shape of the lights are also similar to those used in restaurants, this combined with the “on the wall” design of the kitchen could easily give the restaurant feel for your guests.

Black Iron Garden

Black Iron Garden

Nothing says “sturdy” like iron. In this kitchen the lighting is black iron bells, offering fantastic visibility over the kitchen work area. The theme continues into the dining area though the fixture becomes much more artistic. Paired with the bay window overlooking the yard, the choice of light fixture subtly pulls in the feel of nature because of the nearly flower shape of the bells and the black iron appearance. Black iron was often used for garden gates in the Victorian era.



Track lighting is a favorite in kitchens, but this is unique. While all of the lighting is technically on the track the height of the lights varies by where in the kitchen it is placed. This customized track lighting allows you to dictate where you need the most light and what areas you would like to spotlight while maintaining all of the benefits of track lighting. It seems appropriate that track lighting was updated to allow for more customization because that is the way that modern furniture design as a whole is proceeding, shortly we hope, everyone will be able to customize their home as much as we like to.

Gather Round

gather round

This room features more custom track lighting. Here we have a circle which creates an inclusion between the half-moon dining area and island/sink in the kitchen. In the background you can see lighting that is lower in the room to help with tasks, but you will notice that it isn’t continued over areas which are lit by the skylights. There is such a thing as too much lighting. There is no need to light areas that can be lit with natural light unless you want to. Sometimes it can be useful to take a flashlight into the room you want to redesign light for and use it to see where you actually need lights and where they will just be for decoration. This will help you use your budget more effectively.

We love home decoration ideas that help you use your money better. Lighting can be expensive and there is no reason that it can’t add an extra element of whatever theme you choose to your next room makeover. Next time that you shop interior design items online, keep in mind that you can use lighting fixtures, as well as the light itself to help create the atmosphere that you desire.