Fireplace may be important appliance in the house which can be useful giving your room warmth in winter. This appliance is typically located in certain room especially public room in the house such as dining room and living room. For larger house, the fireplace is commonly installed in every room except bathroom. Fireplace style and design is different from one to another because of the it’s mantel.

We know that everything in this world comes in various styles, color, shape and the most important is the price. Fireplace mantel ideas are available in numerous design including contemporary, modern, minimalist, and classic for older style. Modern become the most popular style today. Know why? The modern style are more flexible in decorating for Christmas, Thanksgiving or any celebration in western country. Now, let’s check the design and model of fireplace out.

Material for fireplace mantel

Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Home design and decor must be completed with furniture, appliance, and accessory. Each of those home objects has different design and shape. Not only shape and design which commonly makes them different from each other, but the material to make them also influences them to be different from one to another. Material for fireplace mantel comes in variation. It may be gypsum, wood, marble, stone, clay, and many more. Every material has its own characteristic and feature that make them always stylish and elegant for the entire room. You can choose brick for the cheapest price.

Gypsum is typically material for false ceiling in the room. It is in white powder which finally mixed with water to make dough. This dough is molded into smooth shape and design to frame the fireplace. Gypsum fireplace mantel are commonly made simply in white with stylish texture for decorative accent. White gypsum fireplace mantel is always suitable for any home themes. It is because the white is kind of neutral color which can blend with other colors. The gypsum fireplace mantel comes in various styles and designs with different dimension to fit the fireplace.

Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

Wood is another material for fireplace mantel As like on furniture, wood always becomes the best material for home appliance. Wood is warm as well as the fireplace. IT comes elegantly with glossy accent of reclaimed wood look. And sometimes, it looks even more glorious with furnisher to coat it out. As like gypsum fireplace mantel, wood is available with various pattern and shape. In addition, the wooden mantel for fireplace is removable so that it will look simple to help you remodel the fireplace look.

Modern look of fireplace mantel


Nowadays, modern or contemporary look is more popular. It can be seen on the application of furniture and wall decor ideas in a room. This modern style also can be seen on the fireplace mantel ideas. The fireplace frame is typically made of metal or tiles. The metal commonly reflects the elegance and luxury in modern home as well as the tiles. The tiles may come in various types such as marble and even ceramic for simplest option. Marble is better to represent the glorious accent in the classic or modern interior.