Kitchen for you is the room in your house where you spend most of time to cook meals for your family and where your families prefer to gather and share stories during breakfast in the morning or during dinner at night. Well, so far you have an idea to improve the current look of your kitchen to make it becomes more comfortable and warmer. Speaking of comfort and warm kitchen, what do you think of adopting farmhouse kitchen design?

Table, chair and cabinet

Surely you cannot put aside this idea but there are some aspects you should take into account in this matter and the first is the table. Wooden table is recommended for the farmhouse impression; the older the table is the better. If you don’t want to purchase new table, just repaint the table with the right color, brown, cream and mocha are the best recommendation available. The next thing is the cabinet. You could install new doors that suitable most to the farmhouse impression. Wooden doors are better and paint them with similar color used to paint the table.Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas Image 262


For the sink is not recommended to choose kitchen sink made from stainless steels. As the replacement stainless steels you could install kitchen sinks made from stone. Moreover, one more thing you should remember when it comes to kitchen sink is the choice of faucets. Oldies faucets design is totally recommended.


Farmhouse Kitchen Table Image 263The choice of accessories is also having an important role in supporting the farmhouse look of your kitchen. Transparent glass topless for sugar, coffee and tea leaves is one of the ideas for the accessories. Baskets made from rattan, dining tools with rustic motives are more accessories you should have.

Painting ideas

How about the paint for farmhouse kitchen? Well, you cannot just choose any colors for this style, brown, mocha, yellow and cream are the only colors recommended for the paint color. You could be creative to combine the colors so suits to your taste. If you have a wooden furniture in the kitchen, just leave it without any paint colors. Natural wooden color is really great color.


The last thing that is supposed to be taken into account as well is the lighting system of the farmhouse style. You could place the classic chandeliers in the center of the kitchen ceilings or you could place some single chandeliers in several places in the kitchen walls. For the farmhouse touch don’t forget to always have some candles to be placed in the table or oldies lamp in the kitchen table or kitchen cabinet.