Besides dining and kitchen room, family room is a common spot where whole members of the family can gather. They tell some stories, jokes, and also share experiences in this place. Mother usually serves some cups of tea, milk, or coffee and also snacks to accompany the members doing this ritual. By doing it, one member will get closer and closer to another family member. That is good to make them supportive for one to another. It is also brilliant way to create a ‘happy’ family concepts in your home. For that reason, family room is considered as one of important spots in a home. So, creative family room ideas is necessary to think about to make all family members stand to stay there longer.

Family room ideas: contrasting colors

There are two examples discussed here. Let us discuss American Cottage Family Room first. Well, this classic western style is taken from Mona Hajj’s creation. You can adopt whenever you need a decoration with fully art background but kept the modern nuance. What this family room tries to imply here is a perfect combination between two contrast colors. Mona Hajj combines cream as a light color then put a shade of it through a little dark color, pale blue. Cream is applied to the wall. Family Room Ideas by Mona HajjThen, pale blue can be seen in the fire place color. On the fire place, she puts a yellow flower and also blue vase. The cave is a good support for the color of fire place. For the furniture cream sofa and ottoman are chosen.
The second example of family room by contrasting colors to take the wider and clean appearance. You can see pale blue and cream in the previous idea. Then, Jonathan Berger, the designer of this room tries to combine shocking pink with pale blue. Pink is presented in some accessories such as cushion, and also paint hung on the wall.

Family room ideas: trying modern style

You are able to try modern style in a family room. There are two examples here. The first one is dealing with creating modern and minimalist style using black and white color scheme. Family Room IdeasFor the ceiling, black and white paint is chosen. Then for the sofa is plaid of black and also white. For whole walls, the white paint is strongly dominant. This idea uses yellow cushions to highlight the grey rug. Besides yellow, you can also find orange as a lamp shade set on the table. All elements in this room are simple, light, and also minimalist.

Another idea for modern room is Kitchen Blended with Family Room. In this idea, you are able to see that the living room is directly and openly connected to the kitchen. That is a good way to do if you have a large area in your house. Eldon Wong is really genius to bring all purpose idea to change a kitchen with traditional style. You are able to enjoy the time with your family after the dinner. Taking some foods or snacks for accompanying the togetherness will be so easier in this simple minimalist family room ideas.