Shower heads can be cool! Yes you may think that they are just there to serve the purpose, but with some really cool shower heads, taking a bath can be a rarely exciting experience. Simple shower heads are usually made of plastic and attached to a shower hose or directly into the wall. If you think you’ve seen all of the shapes and interesting solutions, believe your eyes with what follows. We are showing you truly best shower heads.

ring shaped flower head

 A shower head can sometimes be a true sculpture and this is a perfect example to show. Not only that it looks really cool, but it provides different water jets with commands given on the hanger. Two of those look great in pair and provide an elegant substitute solution for a dual shower head. Gathered simply in glass, they are a part of an irresistible custom made shower unit.

waterfall shower heads

With a chic wave shower head, you would get a real feel from a seaside swimming pool. The jet would benefit your shoulders, and you would be able to enjoy it any time at your home. The minimalist looks of this unusual shower head fits in any bathroom design. If you have proper installation pipes inside your wall it wouldn’t be a problem to install it. Otherwise, you could make a thin layer of a double wall to hide new installation. If you think it wouldn’t be your friend for a quick morning shower, add a proper shower head next to it. You could enjoy both at the same time.

 Rain shower heads are great too. The drops of water are relaxing our muscles and minds. For the best effect use few of them to provide a proper rain from all angles. Maybe it is great to consider installing rain in your bathroom if you are ready for renovation, because installation should be hidden and properly done, and requires a bit more work than simple changing of pipes. But it will pay back. For an exotic feeling try installing a huge rain shower head above a hot tub.

An inside waterfall is a good choice for the nature lovers. For the pure technical relaxing feeling you could have one of those hydro massage shower units. But if you are up for a real exotic solution install it in a stone wall. The sound of falling water is calming by itself; you could enjoy even watching this fabulous waterfall.

LED light has made a revolution. It is everywhere, so the shower heads couldn’t be missed.  They are not very interesting in terms of design, just classic shower heads, but the fact that they are providing light in different colors deserves our attention. On some heads you could set the colors manually and on the others it is working automatically.  When having shower, keep in mind that you should have at least some low intensity general light on, just or your safety. Then feel free to release your disco feeling!