Exterior sliding glass doors are door optional for the ease to open solution and its other features. Natural additional lighting, big real beautiful scenery, better air circulation, and elegance are several features which served by using this sliding glass door. And it is the best solution for people who have little kid who like playing in the garden or backyard. You do not need to open the door frequently, by keeping the sliding doors open you can peak them up practically. This sliding door is usually installed to separate the house to the garden or pool area.

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Various models and size can be decided to select the appropriate exterior sliding glass door for your house. Some exterior glass doors are folded type with many panels. This glass door also can be doubled panels as usual with a direction or two directions as door open direction. And the size could be as tall as the wall or just like common swinging door size in sliding door. These different style and size can be optional for you.

Installation steps

Exterior sliding glass doors for restaurantWhen you have bought an exterior sliding glass door in a home supply store, commonly they offer an install service by adding more money as a tip. Actually this installation process is quite easy to do by yourself. Besides you can understand your house condition by inspecting the installing location, you would save your money when the sliding door has problem because you could repair it by yourself. The material which should be prepared are sliding glass door whether with or out of frame, some roofing nails, caulk, adhesive foil tape, foam, hammer, scissor, knife, and other supported tools.

Below are several easy steps to install the exterior sliding glass doors.

  • For sliding glass door which does not have frame, prepare the adhesive foil tape, unroll and stick them around the door. Make sure to fit the tape on the edges of door, so that the door panels will install properly. Use a knife to make it laying flat. Make sure that around the door has been completely stuck by the tape. For the sliding glass door which has original frame on it does not need to be replaced with the tape.
  • To fit the glass door with frame, you should calk the glass to the frame on each bottom of door, and then surely check that the glass door already fit to its frame. If you want a sliding glass door without frame, you should not do that process.
  • Install the glass door to the wall frame carefully; set some tools as prop to keep the door stay in the wall frame. Don’t forget to ensure that the doors are in the same level or height.
  • Start to fit and fasten the door to the wall frame by using ceiling nails. At the bottom of the door, calk it to the wall frame holes then install the door to it. This make the door will stand properly in vertical line.
    The final step is place foam around the frame and paints the frame with your favorite color.