Exterior sliding doors are other optional of door types to be installed in the house. Commonly, this kind of door is applied in back part of the house to connect the house to the pool or the garden. Glass sliding door is often to be selected by the owners. The purpose is in order to the owners can see the scenery outside of the house. It could increase fresh atmosphere in the house to help recharge the power when the owner feel exhausted. Other materials and styles of sliding door also interesting to be selected; it is based on the house need of this exterior door. In addition, this kind of exterior door need more space on the wall to be installed. Below are several kinds of exterior sliding doors which can help you to decide them.

Sliding French doors exterior

Sliding French doors exterior offer the elegance to your house. With double glass doors will give your house additional light and it is simple to open in a direction. There are also double glasses on the main door which look like a ventilator. It also gives you natural air freshness without worry that the door will close suddenly. White sliding French doors exteriorThis exterior sliding door has doubled paned of glass so you will not hear any annoy sound from the outside. For the security, this sliding French door has multi-point locks on them. Waterproof sliding door is important when the storm comes, and this feature also available on this sliding French door. Any color can be chosen based on your desire such as: white, dark brown, and black for the door frame. You are also surely can color it with other colors.

Exterior glass sliding doors

Exterior glass sliding doors with metal frameThere are many styles of sliding doors which can be selected based on house design. Exterior glass sliding doors is perfect choice for a house with wonderful scenery in the outside. Some of exterior glass siding doors are set to open in a direction or two directions-right and left. Glass sliding doors can come with frame surround the door, other doors come without frame but only with thick glass and knobs on it. Some of glass sliding doors are folded sliding door with four or five panels. Those folded sliding door surely need larger wall to install them. It is up to you to select them; they have benefits which allow you to have natural scenery, additional light, good air circulation, and other features in your house. But they also have effect which will need more space on the wall, easy to be scratched and smashed.

Exterior sliding pocket doors

White brown exterior sliding pocket doors for modern house

This exterior sliding pocket doors has a special advantage which can allow you to save your house space especially for a small house. This exterior sliding door is constructed to hide within the wall when you open it. So it does not need more wall space to install. The most often sliding pocket doors are in double door which are opened in two directions. Numerous materials can be found in this sliding door type, such as wood, glass, metal, plywood, etc.

Exterior sliding barn doors

Wooden exterior sliding barn doorsFor horse barn, exterior sliding door is appropriate to give modern ambience to it. There are some sliding barn doors which are made by aluminum, steel, and wood. Many style varieties also can be selected for your exterior sliding barn door. Double panel of sliding doors are set to open in two directions. With glass material on the half part and others material in any color on the lower part of the doors give this sliding barn door modern touch. Other style replaces the glass with iron sticks which arranged as cage appearance.

Wooden sliding door exterior

Modern wooden sliding door exteriorThe function of this wooden sliding door is also the same like the previous glass sliding door. This sliding door gives the ease of opening the door, classic look but modern in feature. But the effect by installing this wooden exterior sliding door is it does not allow you to see the scenery outside of the house. This wooden sliding door is usually installed for main front door in the house.