European design typically comes with classic and elegant accent that appear on the whole interior room design. As like in London, France, and other Europe countries commonly apply simple interior design theme but it still looks glamour though it only uses ordinary furniture and accessories. Most of theme use the shabby chic furniture to decorate some spots in the room and use smooth paint colors. Below are some samples of European kitchen which are beautiful to be applied on your kitchen.

Modern design for luxury house

The first modern European kitchen design has so modern look on its whole interior design. Wooden kitchen cabinets are arranged in large U shape which covers the entire of the wall. Some stainless steel kitchen appliances as like: stove counter, smokestack, microwave, oven, and faucet give the modern accent. There is round kitchen island in the middle of kitchen; this island is formed as like C shape. modern European kitchen designsBlack marble covers the entire top of this island included the sink installed on it, curved glass counter is set higher than marble counter to be used as bar dining table and to store the dishes.

contemporary European kitchen designsSimple and neat are reached in European kitchen style by Phillip Amore. Light brown small ceramic tiles cover the entire kitchen wall. Wooden kitchen cabinets are set in U kitchen style, all of the cabinets painted in dark brown either on hanging or counter. Marble material with the same color as ceramic tiles covers the top surface of kitchen counter to bright the nuance in this kitchen. A window on the center of the wall make this kitchen has natural daylight.

Classic European kitchen

classic European kitchen designs

Wooden cabinets in this classic European kitchen blend with the wood material which also applied on kitchen wall, ceiling, and floor. Wood planks cover the entire of the kitchen floor, there is unique wood pattern that made on the white ceiling, and half of lower kitchen blue green wall is covered by wood. The kitchen cabinet is set in narrow shape kitchen style. Some blue tiles arranged on the wall behind the stove with the same color as kitchen wall. Stainless steel gives modern accent on this European kitchen design on oven, stove, and top part of kitchen cabinet next to the stove. Long wooden countertop covered by black metal on the top as cleaning and preparation area. Set of dining table with four chairs applied next to this counter.

vintage European kitchen designsIf you remember of Cinderella story, this kitchen design looks like it took the old concept of kitchen design. The ceiling on the top directly connected with the roof, actually it can not be called as ceiling with only some white wood beams arranged vertically on the ceiling area. Cream wall with some darker spots is made to create marble look wall, wood planks floor warm this old kitchen design. White hanging kitchen design matches grey kitchen counter under it. Wooden rectangle dining table is located on the middle kitchen floor with four white wooden chairs surround it.

old European kitchen designsAs like the previous European kitchen design, this kitchen design also uses wood as kitchen cabinet main material which arranged to covers cream kitchen wall. White small ceramic tiles installed on the wall between stove set and smokestack to get European accent in this kitchen. Wooden countertop placed in the kitchen middle with hanging pots rack above it.