The sophisticated style of the living space is a reflection of the owner’s personality. We can even say it is the face and the vision of a person reflected in common domestic things. We want to show you how to make such vision thoughtful and stylish. The key to a beautiful home décor is to put your imagination to work and use your creative spirit to design a space according to your very own sense of style.


  1. Hello Mr. Torchere

You must have forgotten about floor lightings… Believe it or not, this trend has been reinvented and it is now a fundamental part of your home’s contemporary design. Today, it is a fusion on the verge of classic and modern, combining several epochs into one.

  1. Cantilever chairs

A perfect example of the human approach originality and creativity, especially in matters of free space; chairs, standing on the ground are boring and there always is not enough free space for you and your friends to move around a room. Let your imagination run wild and use a completely different approach for sitting.

Antique Accents

  1. Antique accents

Minimalistic modern interior solutions are often complemented with antique décor elements. They could have a special design and refer to a certain epoch of people’s history or national tradition. Garden chairs that can be used for several purposes simultaneously are a striking example of combining Chinese tradition with a modern practical design. Another example of sublime luxury is the traditional Mongolian cushion as a cover for a sofa in the lounge zone. Made of the softest type of material, such blanket is the complete opposite of the philosophical and uncomplicated embodiment of Chinese chairs.

  1. Lighting transformers

Who is not familiar with these ubiquitous adjustable lamps, which can be positioned at any angle you want and cover the entire room, wall or even ceiling? When custom made, this item of décor features a conceptual design; it can even become a statement piece in any working office or studio, adding to the interior a special retro mood.

  1. Saarinen’s genius

Eero Saarinen is the man who created the very concept of single-leg furniture style called “tulip”! The eponymous coffee table with a marble top combines the neo-futuristic style of the author with the simplicity and breadth of structural curves. It is a real godsend for anyone who wants to touch the genius.

  1. Mirror art staging

Much has been said already about mirrors in the interior. Often, they have primitive frames and are hung on a nail in the wall of the bathroom or the living room. But what if you turn this usual, but a truly magical element of design into something creative? After all, successfully combined original frame, location, and angles already bring good results in widening the available space. And what if the mirror will become a center of the special art object as a gift for your beloved wife, symbolizing her beauty?

  1. Modernized bar tables

Do you still think that bar tables were out of fashion sometime in the 20s? Look closely, they just turned into something quite unique. It is not even worth talking about what amenities they may offer. Made in a huge variety of styles, chrome and matte frames of these “kids” are combined with modern ultra-thin and highly durable surface materials. An interior art no more no less!

Modernize Bar Tables

  1. Smart accessories – flowers & candles

Decorating a space with flowers and candles is the cheapest way (but also smartest) of bringing a room to life. These décor essentials go really well on coffee and dining tables, but also by the window, in the kitchen or bathroom. Choose seasonal flowers for the living area and tall, bulky candles in different colors; for the kitchen, stick to edible plants to give your area an extra touch of “greenness” and freshness.

Transform your home into a warm, welcoming living environment. Invest in practical accessories and décor essentials, but don’t overlook functionality. If you don’t have enough space in the living area for books, purchase a coffee table with hidden compartments; in case you want to widen a small room, ditch cabinets and go for shelving. There are numerous other ideas and décor essentials you can choose to revamp your home. All you have to do is gather your thoughts, look for some inspiration and get started!

By Jason Phillips and!