Egg is commonly found and used in the kitchen as one of natural ingredient which serves much of protein. This natural ingredient that comes from bird animals has inspired WarmHouse to make a table with the same appearance like an egg. Actually there are some natural things related to the nature that also inspired WarmHouse to make this egg inspired table. Those natural things are an egg, bird, tree, and root.

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Why does it inspired by an egg? The main shape of tabletop is oval with two color composition painted like frying egg in the pan. The color composition is of course between white and yellow color precisely like an egg. There are two circling shape connected to make the tabletop. The white egg forms as like a crescent moon, while the yellow egg forms smaller oval shape then connected with inner side of crescent moon shape. Egg Inspired Table Ideas

Egg Inspired Table DesignThere are two colors optional which can be selected, they are white and yellow tabletop and white and black tabletop color. This tabletop of egg inspired table is made of wood with little shade twist on the yellow or black egg circle shape.

Egg Inspired Table Design Ideas Root

Why does it inspired by a bird? The whole design included the tabletop and table leg is designed like a standing bird. If you imagine how the bird body position when it standing, it will be seen on this beautiful table. As like standing bird with the head on the upper position, this tabletop is designed with the yellow or black oval shape smaller as the head side and crescent moon look of white tabletop larger as the back side of this table. This design makes it looks unique and unusual.

Egg Inspired Table Ideas RootWhy does it inspired by a tree and its root? This inspired design found on this egg inspired table leg. The leg is design to represent a tree stem starting from spread root the climbing into the tabletop with slim shape in the middle. There are some sculpture frames with large hole created by root design below the tabletop. These holes located in the middle and the bottom leg allows you to see clearly the sculptural design installed on this egg inspired table. This unique table leg is made of wood that is painted in neutral black color. With black as neutral color, the two tabletop optional colors will get the best color combination from black, white, and yellow.