Eden bathroom style is identical with pool to replace usual bathtub in the bathroom. Well, it certainly need more space to create this kind of bathroom style so that the Eden bathroom can perfectly applied. There are many designs of Eden bathroom which are available to choose. In this article, we will discuss at least two Eden bathroom designs to increase your bathroom design inspiration.

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Red Fire Eden Bathroom Style

Red color especially kind of bright red color is perfect to create the hottest Eden bathroom style inside your house. This Eden bathroom design looks elegant with red cabinets and blue water look filled in a large rectangular pool. Applied in a large pure white room with high ceiling, this red sexy Eden bathroom looks contrast with bright red color application on the cabinet. Glossy white bathroom floor idea looks perfect to reflect the red color on the floating red vanity and flowing water.

Red Bathroom Cabinets in the PoolRectangular metal glossy red vanity looks so modern in floating design. Single white pyramid in upside down position installed on this red floating vanity. Oval mirror inspired flower bud hung on the wall behind the vanity to complete the elegance in this Eden bathroom style. This unique shaped mirror reflects a modern chandelier which hung perfectly above the pool. Small square ottoman and another floating cabinet in red applied quite far from the vanity to suit the red sexy color in this bathroom design.

Chinese white Eden Bathroom Style

Modern and Elegant Bathroom DesignThis Chinese Eden bathroom style is designed in small bathroom space. Well, this dimension of the bathroom is influenced by the dimension of the pool. In this white Chinese bathroom found with small rectangular Eden pool. It is not like the red Eden bathroom, this white Eden bathroom has wallpaper on a wall behind the cabinet. This small base cabinet is located in the left side of the wallpapered wall. It seems to be used as towel and bathroom stuffs storage.

Red Maroon Bathroom Vanity

Modern accent is created on the unique floating double vanities applied on other wall in this Eden bathroom. It has unique design with mirrored design that makes each vanity face other vanity. Curving mirror applied on these unique floating vanities adds the unusual sense in this Eden bathroom. Curly pendants hang above the floating vanity. These curly pendants reflect flower petals climbing on the wall into the vanity. Some Chinese lanterns in red are hung above the base cabinet to give Chinese accent in this Eden bathroom style.