Euphoria of welcoming Halloween is happening to many Western people. They are really excited in preparing the holiday which is identical with spooky things. There are many shops sell those things. However, making something by your own will be more valuable.

You can explore your creativity by making the stuff. If you are interested in making Halloween decorations by your own, DIY projects will be the best guidance to lead you make something fantastic. There are many options of decoration that you can choose. One of the options is spooky lantern with bats around. This article will give you procedures that you have to do in making it. Just follow the step by step to get a maximum result.Spooky Lantern with Bats Around for HalloweenSpooky Lantern with Bats Around for Halloween 1

  1. You have to prepare materials and tools such as adhesive glue, black card stock, scissors, a bat template, and also a pen. Tor the paper lantern, you can use it from IKEA product.
  2. First, you should make patterns of bat using the template. In choosing the template, you have to be careful since the size of it should be matched with the size of the paper lantern that you use.
  3. Second, cut the patterns of bat carefully. You should do it in the room with enough light to make the shape perfect.
  4. Third, arrange the paper lantern to be a good and sturdy construction. In arranging it, you will get easier if the paper is little bit thicker than the usual paper used in other lanterns. If it is thin, you have to be careful since it will tear easily.
  5. Fourth, you should stick the bat that you have cut on the entire lantern. You should spread the bats out so that it seems that the bats are around the lantern. It will make the lantern look spooky.

Spooky Lantern with Bats Around for Halloween 3

Spooky Lantern with Bats Around for Halloween 2All have done. The next job is finding a good place to set the lantern. You can choose your room to set it up. Then, if the time is coming, you should turn off the main lamp in your bedroom and switch on the lantern. You will get a spooky situation around your room then.

Spooky Lantern with Bats Around for Halloween 4This project is so easy, right? You can practice it yourself. You do not even need to spend much money for buying the materials. All stuff is affordable. That is a good way to make your Halloween more cheerful. You can find other decorations of DIY project in internet. Just find some and practice. You will get your guests impressed when they come to your home. (credit :