Wooden pathways are simple and natural materials which are usually found as garden pathways in medium or large sized garden design. Everybody who has an outdoor garden in their house usually use their garden to feel the peace and adore their beautiful plant collections. They need to walk around the garden to kill a time when waiting for someone or just refresh their mind. So the pathways should be installed to avoid the grasses or plants damages when people are walking on them. Numerous pathway materials can be chosen and suited to the garden condition, such as: wooden pathway, stone pathway, brick pathway, granite pathway, gravel pathway, and others. And each of them also has different styles and models to be applied on the garden.

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Unique wooden pathway for garden

The cheapest material of pathways is wood. Many styles of wooden pathways can be created as the garden owner desire. For example: wooden plank pathways which are applied on the garden like a ship deck or a wooden bridge. Other style of wooden pathway is wood logs pathways which are arranged in a line or zigzags on the garden especially in small garden which has narrow, they are set in the same size so it looks tidy and commonly simple. And the other is a unique wooden pathway style which also use wood logs as the material.

Easy diy wooden paths for vegetable gardenThese wooden pathways contain many wood logs which are sliced like disks in different size. In other word, this unique pathway uses all part of wood log. The wood logs are arranged like puzzle or tiles on walking track. This is quite unique and natural to be applied in the garden. You can also make it yourself for your garden only by preparing common tools which you can find in your garage such as: wood logs, saw, scoop, string and ruler.

How make unique wooden pathways:

Easy homemade wooden paths for front garden

  1. The main material to make this pathway is wood logs. Lay down the log, and then measure it about two inches for each disk thickness even for log with small diameter or complicated log shape.
  2. Do not forget to dig a bit the ground on the walking track. It is used to make sure that those logs can be pressed on the ground on the walking track. In order to the wood log pathways surface is in the same line, you should use string to make your track in placing the logs more focus. Set the string in each of the walking track side.
  3. Prepare the log disks, and then start to install them in complicated order like a puzzle. This arrangement will make the pathway looks unique and natural.
  4. After installing all of them and the walking track is completely covered, release the string and fill soil on the logs crack to make flat surface. If you want an emerging effect on the pathways, let them look cracked on the surface by do not fill soil on them.
  5. Finally, try to step on them to make sure that your creation installed properly. Now you can enjoy the unique wooden pathway in your own garden.