Bringing something green in your house will add some beautiful impression for people who are looking at. Besides doing a mission in contributing little oxygen from this beloved earth, you can also make your house ecologically friendlier. You do not need to have a large garden in doing so. You just need to be creative to make your house more stunning with greenery. Here is a great DIY project using wine bottle as hanging planters that you can try as well. The idea is really brilliant since you do not need to spend much money for it. You just need to go to your warehouse and find used wine bottles. Do not ever think that the bottles are able to be used after those are empty. You can utilize the bottles to make something creative and useful.Easy Homemade Hanging Planters with Wine BottleFirst of all, you need to know what you should prepare in doing the task. Actually, you need to prepare wine bottles, rope, wire, and also the plants. You do not need to be confused that you cannot make the wine bottle hanging planters yourself. It is quite easy as well. In addition, the materials are easy to find. The price is also affordable as well. You can even find the tools in your entire home. So, you do not need to spend money for that as well.

DIY Hanging Wine Bottle PlantersThe first challenge that you have to accomplish is butting off the bottom part of the used wine bottles. You should do that to make the plants able to grow inside the wine bottles. If you take a look at the picture, you may know that the soil is not used here. You hang the bottle upside down. For that reason, you cannot use normal soil. You can change the soil with moss. You are able to use rope or wire. After choosing one of those, you had better tie the rope or wire below the threads of the bottles. After that, you are able to hang the bottle on the terrace, patio, terrace, or another spot you intend to.

Wine Bottle Planters

Hanging Wine Bottle PlantersThe project is really simple. In addition, you apply the go green principle by using recycled things. That is nice, right? This beautification is able to be set indoor or outdoor. Simplicity and also futurism are offered by the decoration. It means that you can use it to complete your modern home design. If you have another idea to be put on it, you can personalize the bottle based on your preference.