Dramatic Halloween Lantern for Breathtaking Decoration

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Our new DIY projects give you the best inspiration to think about what decoration you should put for the Halloween occasion. There are many options of decoration in the article. You can choose one that you think it is the most doable for you. Besides doable, the project should be less pricy. So, you should not spend much money for that. Well, the best option is coming. You will be much interested in making a breathtaking decoration for Halloween. That is dramatic Halloween lantern. The steps are easy to follow. The materials and tools are not hard to find.

For the materials and the tools, you just need to prepare a ruler and cutting mat, heavy black paper of 24” by 36”, craft knife and bone folder, orange vellum, adhesive tape, wire cutters, clear monofilament, 19 gauge annealed wire, twine, votive candle, chain nose pliers, adhesive hangers that is easy to remove, and template for cat 1, cat 2, witch, moon, and owl. You have to prepare those at first before starting the project.Dramatic Halloween Lantern 1

  1. First of all, you have to make a template for the lantern. Then, copy the template 4 times. By means of a bone folder, fold the sheet where all sides meet. Next, you have to cut it out.Dramatic Halloween Lantern 2
  2. After making the lantern, your task now is making the design of moon, cat, owl, hissing car, and witch. You have to print the design on vellum. The recommended printer is a laser printer for it. After that, you have to cut all the decorations.Dramatic Halloween Lantern 3
  3. You have made the sticky decorations for the lantern already. There is a task to be done then. You have to stick the black decorations that you have made on the lantern. Arrange them correctly to get dramatic look.Dramatic Halloween Lantern 4
  4. Cut the wire of 26”. Twisting a loop in the middle is what you have to do to install the lamp inside the lantern. Through paper, you have to stab the wire ends to create two holes at each edge of the dramatic lantern. Pliers are really helpful to make the ends of wire rolled. It is done to secure the lamp. Hanging the two battery-operated votive candles using monofilament is what you have to do then.

Dramatic Halloween LanternYou have known all the process. So, there is nothing to do but practicing the project. The guests who come to your house for Halloween will be attracted easily to the lantern. It is greatly guarantees as well.

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