Double sink bathroom vanity is recommended to be applied in a bathroom where some family members included the kids live together. This large and long vanity type is mostly applied in the house with a bathroom that is usually used together among family members. There are various main materials of bathroom vanity such as: marble and wood which made as water resistant. And there are also numerous bathroom vanity designs included unique, modern, and contemporary which could be selected to fit the bathroom interior. Several samples of it are described below.

Modern double sink

Modern accent combined with rustic accent looks clearly installed in this exclusive double sink bathroom vanity. White rectangle bathroom vanity counter is installed floating to hold curving black stone double sinks on it. modern double sink bathroom vanityThose black stone sinks are designed to form as like large bowl, this shape is very useful to retain the falling water from the stainless steel crane above it. Above the unique stainless steel crane installed, large rectangular mirror without frame installed on the wall with the same size as double sink vanity under it.

modern double sink bathroom vanityBlack-brown color covers the entire of this wooden bathroom vanity. Glass material covers the counter top of this long rectangular vanity. There are many grey stones arranged in it with blue light effect to create futuristic accent under the clear glass counter. Two marble sinks which form as like upside down pyramid are located on this glass counter. A stainless steel crane with double water handles next to it installed on the cream marble wall between the vanity and black-brown wooden framed mirror.

Unique double sink

unique double sink bathroom vanity

Floating design of this cheerful rectangle double sink bathroom vanity looks modern and could be useful in space saving necessity. Double sinks installed on this bathroom vanity with unusual shape which form as like lemon arranged horizontally. In addition, these lemon shapes also painted in yellow which combined with white color on the vanity counter. A plughole on the center of each sink precisely make those sink arrangement looks like pair of eye. Two stainless steel cranes is located in sideways position on the outer side of sink, they look represent eyebrows above the yellow eye sinks.

Classic double sink

classic double sink bathroom vanityClassic accent is found on dark brown wood material to create this bathroom vanity, while elegant accent is found on the design of the vanity which created with unique carved motif on the wood. Black marble becomes the best material composition on the vanity counter with the white color on the oval sinks installed on it. Brass carved crane in front of each sink complete the classic accent on this vanity, there are two brass water handles to allow the user choose cold or hot water located in the right and left side of crane.

classic double sink bathroom vanityWood still becomes the best material to create classic accent. Wooden vanity with six drawers and large open shelf on the bottom has white marble double sinks on the counter. The entire of this classic double sink bathroom vanity counter also covered by white marble, Stainless steel crane with double water handles are installed in front of the sink. Two wooden framed mirrors hang properly on the wall behind each sinks.