Being economic person seems to be smart solution to save more your budget for life necessity. This method is very useful to give you many benefits in managing money and home design ideas. DIY room divider can be creative sample to represent the economic method applied at home. Sometimes, people can not be confident enough with their monthly payday. It may be low or higher payday to support your life with numerous necessity including living space decor and treatment.

Having a small apartment for living space may be simple way to start your life as bachelor or even small family. In this super limited space, you should be smarter to arrange the room space so that it can accommodate as many useful room areas as possible though in small dimension. Studio apartment is kind of one room apartment which commonly chosen by bachelor and small family. This one room apartment doesn’t have any room divider except for bathroom. So that’s why DIY room divider will work better in this living space instead of purchasing some of them with higher cost.DIY Room Divider

DIY room divider benefits

There are many benefits you can be taken from when you have decided to place the DIY room divider to separate room areas. Let’s start it from the function it’s self. Room divider or partition has important duty to part a room to other room so that the room function is seen clearly. Generally, room partition comes in several versions of design including hanging, folding, and sliding room divider. Each of them has feature and advantage for the room space and function.

Hanging divider is recommended for small living space. It is because hanging partition will give more space on the floor so that the room looks wider. Sliding divider comes in door model. This partition style always becomes modern option to enlarge the room by expanding the sliding door to the side. Folding divider is quite elegant with timber as main material. This kind of partition is good for larger living space. Now, DIY room divider is available in those third versions of partition.

DIY Room Divider IdeasDIY room divider is useful to save more money supporting your life. This room divider is easy to find and make. You only have to search the making tutorial from internet. And then try to follow the instruction to make it. Other alternative is by searching some articles to get appropriate inspiration of partition model for your house style. In this article, we will find several models of DIY partition which are attractive and cheap enough to choose and imitate.

DIY room divider ideas


Let’s start it from hanging room divider. Old cabinet door panels look smart to hang with wires as DIY room divider. You only have to uninstall the hinge and knob to let the panel looks as pieces of board. Hang two boards of cabinet door panel vertically using long wire and hook. This hanging DIY partition will give free space on the floor. Well, keep trying to get appropriate room partition for your living space.