Just like a small word, interior designs for small apartments or houses are always unique, trendy and according to the fashion prevailing. As we all know that apartments demand special interior decoration and requires residents to make it beautiful as well as elegant, there are a lot of decoration ideas you can opt to incorporate.

It is a common observation that apartments in a building look same not only from the exterior but also from the interior because the builders keep everything from lighting, fixtures, wall colors, cupboards to flooring the same. This normally does not attract the potential customers because they are searchers of creativity and uniqueness. They will not want something that is present everywhere. This is the point where builders need to think and make a sound decision if they wish to increase the worth of their property. They have to hire interior decorators or learn basics of decoration in order to renovate every apartment on their own.

If you are a builder and considering to decorate your small apartments of less than 600 sq. ft then here are some ideas you will definitely want to incorporate in your thoughts.

As a lover of black and after evaluating its flexibility, I have chosen this design to be a must in any of the apartment that is around 550 to 600 square feet. The apartment will have two big resident home windows on it right side, thus filling the compact area with pure and delicate white color. The decoration theme will be vibrant and ethereal that will enlighten each and every corner of the apartment.

apartment lounge

The apartment will have dark accent in almost every area due to which, it will have a different appeal to cease the potential buyers and will enable them to purchase it. The apartment’s lounge will have two black colored sofas that add curiosity and enable residents to consider the world bigger than it is.

Addition of low diploma espresso table will provide a spot to the house proprietors where they can rest, read different books of their choice and enjoy the appearance of decorative devices without overcrowding.

The dining or consuming table will be at the back of a sofa in order to not allow it utilize much of the space. This will help homeowner to have maximum space even after placing a big table.

Next part of the apartment that should be taken into consideration is kitchen interior design that will be having contrasting color of white.

dining or consuming table for small apartment

Next part of the apartment that should be taken into consideration is kitchen that will be having contrasting color of white. The kitchen will be fade away with pale wall while the backsplash will be in a darkish picket tone. The kitchen area needs to have a bit trendy along with having sufficient space so that residents can easily use it to and do not complain of being small or congested.

In this design for small apartments, lighting is kept small as it looks more attractive and gives an elegant look to the entire place.

kitchen interior design for small apartment

The bedroom interior design will have an industrial look due to addition of free hanging bulbs on the reams of cable. They will avoid the room to look as crowded with cluster of cables.

bedroom interior design for small apartment