Dental office interior design needs to be designed well to eliminate the image of dental office which is identical with terrific moment of teeth-pluck. An attractive concept of dental office design will make the patients more comfortable and safe when they entering the dental room. At least, unique, comfort, and fun concept of dental room will make them less nervous to meet the dentist. Besides unique and fun, the dental clinic also must provide standard dental equipments for the patients. By showing the showroom containing standard and modern e dental equipments, the patients will be calmer in meeting the dentist. Like standard design of other dental office, the clinic consist of several rooms: receptionist room, waiting room, and practical room. Each room must have unique and comfort design to attract the patients to come the dental office.

Reception room design

Dental Clinic Design Ideas

Luxury dental office design by Ekal Picas. Make your office looks proffessional

For the dental receptionist room design, the designer must apply some equipment that is needed by the receptionist in serving the patients. The design of receptionist room will be more interesting if the designer put some unique interior design such as gorgeous paintings, flower-vase decoration, and good front table reception. It requires to put some direction board containing steps or clinic-directional instructions surrounding the receptionist room in order to the patients and other visitors easy to recognize what room they must get in.

Dental Office Reception Table Design Ideas Image 177

White minimalist reception table will make your office look clean also wider

Then about front table reception, it has many variants in design and shape. It can be big and single front table reception or it can be long and rounded front table reception (seems like cafe tables). Just choose the most matched front table reception for the clinic. In applying the front table reception, it is better to choose the most matched one with the interior design of receptionist room.

Cozy waiting room

Then, the receptionist room will be identical with waiting room for the patients. Commonly, both receptionist room and waiting room for the patients are in one room. A big room of dental clinic for accommodating the receptionist room and waiting room. This design is intended to make the receptionist easier to call the patient who is ready to be served. The designer creates the design of waiting room which almost similar with the living room.

Modern Dental Clinic Waiting Room Image 170

Be different in designing the waiting room. Unique orange waiting room equipped with personal tv on each chamber for happy “waiting moment”.

Creating the most comfortable for the patients is the main goal of the designer in designing a cozy dental waiting room design. A standard waiting room design is usually characterized with a big and comfortable sofa special for the patients. With large sofa and tables, it is hoped that the patients will be more comfortable while waiting the dental service. To make the patients more relax, the designer puts a big TV screen as the entertainment.

Practical room

Practical Room Design Ideas for Dental Office Image 178

Colorful dental practical room can make your customer enjoy when checked, specially for children.

Next topic is dentist’s practical room design. In this room, the designer designs a room for special dentist’s equipments. There are some parts of room which are used for patients bed, a big TV scanner, dentist’ table, equipment tables, and consultation room which consist of a desk and chairs for dentist and patient.

Stunning accessories for dental office

Unique Lamps and Accessories for Dental Office Image 179For interior accessories which are commonly used in dental clinic are nice table lamps which are put in the corner of waiting room between the two sofas, a beautiful and ethnic flower-vase, paintings or poster about dental, and others. So, the clinic will be more comfortable like living at home if applying this dental office design.