DIY projects are always stunning to do. That is a really good idea to decorate your house without spending much money. In addition, you are able to improve your creativity to make it something decorative and functional. Well, a go green program is booming now. That phenomenon also affects home design ideas. Handmade products made from recycled materials become trend now. This article gives you one good example in making a handmade lamp. You will not able to expect that the lamp is made of useless things. Well, this lamp is made of white plastic spoons and a mineral water bottle. So, when you have those things after holding a party or something, do not be in hurry to throw all things away. You are able to make a wonderful lamp from the spoons and bottles. Below, there are some steps you can do for doing the task. You should follow the steps carefully.

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DIY Lamp Shade Made From SpoonsFirst of all, you need to prepare all materials and tolls used for the project. For the tools, you should prepare a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, a cutter, and also a hot glue gun. Then the materials needed to make the lamp are many white plastic spoons, a mineral water bottle, and also electricity stuff.

DIY Lamp Shade Made From Spoons 2After preparing all materials and tools, you have to cut the hand of all spoons since you just need the heads only. Then, heat the glue using a hot glue gun. Wait for some minutes.

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Next, you have to stick the heads of the spoons on the bottle body using the glue. You have to arrange the head in sequence. Start the gluing from the bottom part of the bottle. For the curvy part of the bottle, you should arrange the head of the spoons first and make a circle from the spoons. Then, stick one head to another using the glue.

DIY Lamp Shade Made From Spoons 3After all over the body of the bottle has been covered by the head spoons, you have to arrange the electricity stuff. You have to be careful in this step since if you miss something in connecting the cable. So, be cautious.
Then, put the lamp that has been connected to the cable of electricity inside the bottle. Then, hang it on your ceiling.

DIY Lamp Shade Made From Spoons 4Those steps are really clear and understandable. You can practice it now. Then, you are able set the lamp in any room you want to make the room more magnificent.