Headboards can change the look of your bedrooms dramatically. If you want to give your bedroom a quick uplift, consider buying upholstered headboards or tufted headboards. If you are decorating your bedroom within a certain budget range, then opt for DIY headboards.

Headboards are the most apparent feature of a bedroom. You can alter the entire look of your bedroom by merely replacing or renovating the headboards of your beds. Apart from giving your bed a complete look, headboards are now considered as decorative items. The most amazing feature of headboard designs is that they can be replaced or renovated easily.

DIY headboards can either be purchased from furniture stores or you can undertake this project yourself if you are interested in renovating your existing headboards. Make sure you are well equipped with the required tools before embarking on your DIY headboard project. There are different kinds of DIY headboard designes like DIY headboards for twin beds, DIY headboards with storage etc.

headboard with slanted light and waves


Depending upon your requirements and preferred style, you can alter the look of your bedroom with DIY headboards. If you want to give your room a rustic look, then go for wooden DIY headboards. They can be painted as well, to complement the color scheme of your room; or they can also be used in unfinished form, in order to give your bedroom a pure rustic look.

DIY headboards enable you to personalize your bedrooms by giving them a personal touch. If you have a knack of converting antique or unused doors or windows, you can easily make DIY headboards out of them.

wooden headboard with shelves


All you need to do is to cut out the desired size and finish it with paint or other materials like glass or metal or leather etc. Children’s bedrooms can particularly be made interesting and unique with DIY headboards. You can cut out shapes or figures of their favorite cartoon characters on wood boards and attach those to their beds as headboards. Alternately, you can simply paint the headboards in stripes or use fabric or leather to make upholstered headboards.


You can buy some great upholstered headboards for your bedrooms, if you want to give them a cozy look. Upholstered headboards definitely offer more warmth and make the bedroom look comfortable and inviting. Upholstered headboards are particularly ideal for children’s bedrooms because they tend to offer more protection against accidental bumps. Moreover, the upholstery can serve the decorative purpose easily.

If you are planning to decorate your bedrooms according to a particular theme, then upholstered headboards can be a great way to achieve optimal results. You can either give your upholstered headboards an accent color or blend it with the fundamental theme colors. Color plays an important role in determining the upholstery of your headboards. The material to be used for upholstery is also critical and depends upon the preferred style of your bedroom.

Leather looks more classy and sleek; while thick and rich fabrics lend warmth and comfort to your bedroom. If your existing headboards look worn out or they need a makeover, then you can either opt for upholstered headboards or tufted headboards.

tall headboard with storage


Tufted headboards might consume more fabric or leather, but it’s worth it because the end product shall look absolutely regal and elegant. Tufted headboards can be used in children’s rooms, guest rooms or master bedrooms. They adapt well to different kinds of styles but there are definitely not meant for funky bedrooms, due to their highly formal appeal.

Tufted-headboards originated in Britain and back in the 1900s, they were considered as a necessity in the homes of the elite class. The design and structure of tufted headboards is very important to bring out its true essence. They are mostly available in buttoned backs and the craftsmanship of tufted headboards is crucial to its beauty and functionality.

If you want to add glamour and glitz to your tufted headboards, then you can buy tufted headboards with crystals for your bedroom. However, this would not be recommended for children’s room but they will surely add charm and beauty to your master bedroom.

Headboards do not have to be dull and plain because they can take the décor of your bedroom to another level if treated aesthetically. Even if you want to use your headboard designs for storage purposes, you must not ignore its vital role in decorating your bedroom.


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