Curved kitchen island is commonly found in a bar. Many bars use this type of kitchen table to create modern and elegant accent in the bar. There are many styles, colors, materials, and sizes on this curved kitchen island which can be selected as kitchen condition. Most curved island is designed with minimalist concepts and decorated some accents on the edges or centerpiece. The curvature can also be adjusted to the width and condition of the kitchen where the island is placed. Such as curvature on wooden curved island that flows under the shape of the surrounding wall. Take look our curved island bellow for more great inspirations.

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C shaped concept

The first curved kitchen island style forms C shape which located in the center of the kitchen. Glossy red surround the counter and glossy white on the countertop becomes the great choice to create elegant and expensive accent in the kitchen. On the bottom part of C shape, U shape glass rack held by six stainless steel pole on the countertop, the same shape rack hung above other to store glasses and other kitchen stuffs.
C shaped kitchen island designsThree glass chairs are arranged surround these glass rack area. The upper side of C shape, electric stove and small faucet are installed. Unique shape of faucet make this curved kitchen looks sophisticated.

Curved island for small space

Curved kitchen island for small spaceThe next curved kitchen island stuck on the kitchen set. It means that there is a black and red metal kitchen set which installed to fit on a kitchen wall. The curved island stuck on the middle part of this kitchen set. This curved kitchen is almost a half round shape facing the wall. In each side of this curved kitchen, there are kitchen cabinets with doors in the left side, oven and microwave in the right side. While in the middle part where the curved kitchen stuck, there is stove area with smoke absorber above it, stainless steel square faucet, and space to store the dishes and other stuffs. On each of the curved tip, curved glass shelves are arranged to store spices. The top of this kitchen set is in glossy red, black metal covers the entire of the kitchen set except the countertop and wall space in front of the curved kitchen which are stainless steel.

Wooden curved island

Wooden curved kitchen island

Ash tree wood is the main material of this curved kitchen island. This curved kitchen is quite unique with long countertop which is curved in a half and wavy in other half. The entire of this curved kitchen made of Ash wood in about 15’’ of wide. Six coats of Waterlox Tung Oil are used to cover the countertop. For the body, black sticks are arranged as like a cage to be pleated by wet Ash wood to create plaited mat texture on it. When this pleated wood is dry, it will fit the pleated formation and become hard. To make this curved kitchen fix on the wooden floor, some hooks are installed to avoid the movement of this curved kitchen.

Modern white curved island

Modern white curved kitchen islandThe last curved kitchen island looks modern with glossy white color. This curved island is located in the middle of the kitchen opposite the oven cabinet behind it. C shape with glossy white on the entire of the island looks classic with additional brown color as the border line surrounds the top edges. Two circle stainless steel faucets placed in the middle between electric stove area and spices storing area. A curved transparent glass dining table is located in front of the spices area. This curved dining table looks sophisticated with the kitchen island.